Monday, January 18, 2010

Goodbye Best Steak and Gyro (1910 Euclid Avenue)

It appears permits have been filed with the City of Cleveland to have the 1910 Euclid Avenue (formerly known as Best Steak and Gyro) demolished to create some sort of axis for Cleveland State University "in direct relation to Corlett Plaza (which was demoed recently as well).

This area is not part of the CSU Campus or Master Plan, but is actually the west block of CollegeTown. According to the Master Plan, the demo of this building will allow for the construction of a new building, presumedly housing of some sorts, and have a direct connection, likely pedestrian related (see below), to the Wolstein Center. A date for demolition is not know at this time.


Susan Miller said...

Thanks! This is wonderful reporting! You're doing the Cleveland Planning Division's job for them.

Is it possible to upload the image files so that they might be enlarged? It is difficult for me to see them at their current size.

Scott said...

Yes, Susan. I'm still working out a few formatting bugs, but I think I have it figured out now. Thanks.