Wednesday, August 30, 2006

CSU Recreation Center Ribbon Cutting

Over a hundred members of the CSU community gathered for the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the new recreation center. Many people started using the facility right away. Below are a few of the pictures.
To see the whole set, go here.
I imagine there will be an article in the PD soon as there were at least three reporters present, including Architect Critic, Steve Litt.
My own impression of the building? I love it... most of it.
It's great that it is green (Silver LEED). But I am not happy with the way the building meets Chester Avenue. It is not a pleasant walk in the summer; I can't imagine what it will feel like in the winter, particularly where the ventilation system is - not well thought out.
And what's with the gravel where the trees are?
One other issue of concern is the free weight are on the third level and the cardio area right below that. It will be great for those who do that sort of thing to be able to do it with an incredible view, but what is it going to feel like at 5:00 on a clear day. The sun is going to be glaring right into your face. I have a feeling the staff will end up placing those shades restaurants have that will let you see outside but block some of the sun.
Besides those three things, the building is beautiful and I intend to take full advantage of it.
God knows I need it.