Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Scenes from iNGENUiTY 2006 - Saturday

Saturday was just as nice as Friday... if you went later in the afternoon when the sun had a chance to go down.

One of my favorite spots during the festival was defidently the East 5th Street Stage. Very cool spot. I hope somebody uses the space for more events.
My second favorite space was the vacant May Company building. This is where a lot of the technology display were kept . Way better then last years space inside the BP Building which was closed during the peak festival hours. I love this picture with everyone and their 3-d glasses.Mr. Bojangles gets the crowd going as he struts his stuff on the Family Stage.
The night scene down Prospect Avenue.
I wonder where they will hold it next year? A couple checking out the Catch 22 sound experiment in the Goldfish Building.
I asked the artist if there was a similar event going on in Seattle. He said no. The other end was in a university.I did nt stay for the Verb Ballet performance in the May Company Building parfornace stage. One, it was to crowded and, two, I had a feeling the performance, based on the events from 9/11, would be a downer... sorry, that's how it is.
The end of the night rocked with a performance by Dj Spooky, Rodaine (sp?) and visuals by local artist Kusami.
I think this person had too much fun.A total success, if you ask me.
I can't wait for next year.
If you would like to view the rest of the photos, go here for Saturday, and here if you missed the opening on Friday. Plus, there is a whole group dedicated to photos from iNGENUiTY at Flickr.