Wednesday, February 01, 2006

St. Clair-Superior Dog Update

Some people asked me for more details on the dog art for the St. Clair - Superior neighborhood.
Here is some information from Katharyne Marcus, Commercial Development Manager for the local development corporation.
The white things with the bubble wrap on them are fiberglass dog sculptures that will be placed on steel boxes (making them 5 feet 5 inches tall) and scattered throughout the St. Clair Superior neighborhood.

This is a three fold project funded in part by the Cuyahoga County Commissioners:
1. Public art (local artists are implementing their own unique designs using the dog as their canvas),
2. Cultural awareness (2006 is the Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog) a,
3. Economic development (we anticipate that this project will bring in new customers to support our local businesses).
Each dog will be sponsored by a business or individual and on display from May through September. In October, the dogs will be up for auction. The proceeds from the auction will be seed money for next year - Year of the Boar.

Know anyone who would want to sponsor a dog? Tell them to call me at 881-0644.

Katharyne Marcus


Sandi said...

How funny. I randomly clicked on one link on Chad Fox's blog, and it turned out to be your blog. Suddenly, I know a bunch of people who are doing urban planning stuff.

I don't think I've met anyone outside of Cleveland who has seen Salome's Last Dance. Why, do you suppose, we have all seen it but no one else has? Is it a 30-something Cleveland phenomenon?