Monday, January 30, 2006

The Cleveland Colectivo Considers Community Grant Requests

Clevelanders coming together to strengthen our community through collective investments that identify and nurture innovative projects.

Last Wednesday, a group of area residents that make up the Cleveland Colectivo, began to sift through nearly 50 requests for funding. (Pictures from the meeting.) These request ranged from environmental to arts to community building. At this meeting, the Colectivo cut the selection to 12 finalist and over the next week or so they will pick the final selections and the amount they will be awarded. Good luck to everyone.

What is the Cleveland Colectivo, you ask. The words from the website are much better then what I could come up with, so:
In the fall of 2004 a small circle of people decided it was time to stop talking about Cleveland’s problems and start investing in solutions. They gathered together friends and neighbors to begin building a new giving circle and The Cleveland Colectivo was born. Inspired by the traditional practice of immigrant neighbors who invested in each other’s businesses in order to build community, the Cleveland Colectivo is a group of like-minded friends, neighbors, and colleagues who have joined together for the purpose of collective giving.
If you want more information, or would like to join, visit the site - here.

Now for something completely different, these nearly life-size, bubble wrapped dogs will soon be the throughout the St. Clair - Superior Neighborhood sporting, I imagine, some funky colors. They will be given to local artists to paint, or whatever, and placed in various places in the neighborhood in recognition of, in part, the Chinese Lunar New Year which happens to be the Year of the Dog.

Finally, my post will be slowing down somewhat over the next three months due to heavy reading this semester in school. I will still post the happenings of the Planning Commission after their meetings - so stay tuned.