Friday, December 07, 2007

West 117th News: New Giant Eagle Construction Begins

I noticed construction equipment starting the infrastructure work next to Target last week. A few days later I received this in my mail from Ward 19 Councilwoman, Dona Brady. I hope that is not what the new building is going to look like. It is a very sad day for us if it is. Regardless, At least there will be a GetGo there.
Councilwoman Dona Brady has been working closely for more than a year with Giant Eagle officials planning for their arrival and finally..…Giant Eagle is ready to go! The 87,000-square foot mega-supermarket will be built next to TARGET on W. 117th Street north of I-90. The $20 million project will also include a GetGo gas station and a state-of-the-art WetGo no-touch car wash. The project is expected to create more than 200 new jobs.

Councilwoman Brady and Giant Eagle officials hope to break ground by the end of the year and open by next summer. “We are looking forward to opening a new store in west Cleveland to bring more high quality food offerings, convenience-oriented departments and everyday values to our customers,” said Rob Borella, Giant Eagle senior director of marketing and corporate communications.

“This is a great addition to our neighborhood and significantly increases the availability of products and services for the residents in our community,” said Brady. She also noted that there would be one more surprise—the addition of a family restaurant that has not yet been announced. Councilwoman Brady believes that this type of investment in our neighborhood will help reinvigorate the Lorain Avenue commercial district.

The Lorain Avenue Master Plan is ready to be presented to the community and the process has begun for the Lorain Avenue Historic District designation. The plan calls for the expansion of the neighborhood’s diverse ethnic restaurant district, increased community-oriented businesses, and the restoration of the Historic Variety Theatre.

What will happen to the Current Giant Eagle locations on Clifton and West 117th Street, and Westown Shopping Center? I don't know, but there is news about Acme moving into Cuyahoga County.

Akron-based Acme Fresh Market to open Parma store

Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Zachary Lewis

The grocery scene in Northeast Ohio just got a little more competitive.

Akron-based Acme Fresh Market has announced plans to open a new store next year on the site of a 68,000-square-foot former Tops supermarket on Pleasant Valley Road in Parma.

The new store, set to open May 3 with a $2 million facelift, will be Acme's first store in Cuyahoga County in more than a decade and the first new rival to Giant Eagle in the area since Tops left last December.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I have asked at our Cudell Neighborhood meetings about this development and have heard absolutely nothing. It is dismaying the lack of interest in developing our neighborhood to what we who live here want and need. We do not need another GE box! The GE at W.117th is abysmal and needs redone but keep it in our neighborhood within a reasonable walking distance. Have none of these so called planners noticed the price of gas and the lack of useful bus service! I am glad Aldi has opened but I hope someone utilizes the commercial location at W.117th; a Trader Joes or other organic store would be wonderful.