Friday, September 28, 2007

More RTA News - E 55 Rapid Station Plan

RTA is wrapping up planning for the new transit station at Eat 55th Street.
From their site:

Major Projects - E 55 Rapid Station

This is one of the few RTA stations that serves both heavy-rail and light-rail customers.

Design drawings are 90 percent finished.

The Board of Trustees should award construction contracts this winter, and construction work would start in early 2008.

To make the station more visible, it is being moved to the southeast corner of the Rapid Corridor and East 55th Street, near the end of I-490.

Because of a 30-foot elevation difference, the $10 million project includes:

  • Two station buildings
  • An elevator to make the station ADA compliant
  • A parking lot
  • Public art


Anonymous said...

Transit station looks good.
Off topic, but what do you think of Dean Weintraub's departure from the CSU urban affairs college?

Scott said...

I was very surprised to hear about it. It will be very interesting to see what direction the school takes now.