Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Although I am becoming very disillusioned anything positive will come of all of this mess (except for the replacement of at least one county commissioner), it is good to see there are people who are willing to help for the right reasons.

For Immediate Release
June 12, 2007
Contact: Ms. Daryl Davis, 216-310-0557 (day) or

Yesterday at 4:15 pm $1000 and a letter from an anonymous donor arrived at the D. H.Ellison Co. addressed to Taxpayers Against Waste, one of the organizations concerned with Cuyahoga County's plan for a new administration center.

"It was a complete surprise," said David Ellison. "The letter really focuses the issue. Our problem with this project was never about the Breuer building, but with the outrageous waste of money. Up until now our work has been funded by personal and in-kind donations. This donation makes things a little easier." The letter's contents include a numbered list of questions regarding the money and financing of the proposed county administration center.

Two questions pertain to R. P. Carbone's involvement and current indictment over racketeering, conspiracy, money laundering, bribery and unlawful interest in a public contract.

Two more questions involve R. P. Madison International's role and its inability to present a complete application to the Cleveland city planning commission, making a justifiable case for demolition.

The other questions included in the letter relate to the apparent flaws in the overall strategy of economic development conceived in the project.

Daryl Davis added, "This whole issue has been diverted into historic preservation, aesthetics and environmentalism. While these things are important, the money, cronyism and political patronage are what are so disgusting. A good economic development plan would conserve our assets and resources, create the maximum number of jobs, and the most spin-off development, all at the least cost to the public. Hagan and Dimora have created a bad plan with mediocre architecture at the highest cost possible; never mind the facts, put aside the values of democratic process, and just keep repeating lies and half truths until people start believing them."


susan said...

Re last week's meeting:
Gloria was there, too
Tim was there, too
I was there, too
Were you there?

Scott said...

Thanks Susan. I got yours and Tim's summaries, but did not know about Gloria's. I will post that as well, although I am sure many people have seen it already.

I cannot make it to the meetings anymore. My Friday's are accounted for now.