Friday, June 15, 2007

Cuyahoga Arts + Culture Announces First Grant Program

Cuyahoga Arts + Culture (CAC) today released guidelines and application forms for its General Operating Support (GOS) Grant program and announced locations for a series of grant workshops for organizations to learn about eligibility and the application process.

General Operating Support grants are the first grants to be offered by CAC. Designed to invest public funds in local arts or cultural organizations, GOS grants are awarded for a period of three years, with requisite annual review and evaluation by CAC staff.

“These grants are specifically for arts or cultural organizations located in Cuyahoga County that have a history of quality artistic or cultural programming, professional management, financial stability and long range planning,” said Catherine Boyle, Executive Director of CAC. “The guidelines explain the purpose of the grants, the eligibility requirements and the application process.”

Basic eligibility required by Ohio law and CAC By-laws are that an applicant organization must be not-for-profit, must be located in Cuyahoga County, must have been in existence for at least three years and must have a primary mission to create, produce, present or provide arts or cultural programming to the public.

Those organizations that do not meet GOS eligibility requirements may be eligible to apply for other CAC grants that will be announced later this year. Those organizations that receive GOS support will not be eligible to apply for other CAC grants.

“Using public dollars received from the passage of Issue 18 last November, we are proud CAC is the first regional arts and cultural district in Ohio that has successfully passed, through voter approval, a dedicated revenue stream for arts and culture. Our world-class arts and cultural organizations are a real plus to our region because they help our children grow and succeed, provide thousands of good paying jobs and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to our region,” said Steven Minter, President of the Board of Trustees of CAC.

Eligible organizations interested in applying are strongly encouraged to attend at least one workshop. Additional information, including the General Operating Support Grant guidelines and application forms is available at .

The Cuyahoga County Commissioners established Cuyahoga Arts + Culture (CAC), a Regional Arts and Culture District and a political subdivision with the State of Ohio, in June 2005.

In November, 2006, voters in Cuyahoga County approved a tax on cigarettes to fund arts and culture in Cuyahoga County through Cuyahoga Arts + Culture. The Cuyahoga County Commissioners appointed a board of three trustees to govern Cuyahoga Arts + Culture, effective April 1, 2007.

By law, all power and authority of CAC is vested in its Board of Trustees. Currently serving as the Board of Trustees are: Steven Minter, President; Santina Protopapa, Vice President; and, David Bergholz, Secretary.

A primary purpose of Cuyahoga Arts + Culture, established by the Board of Trustees by adoption of CAC By laws in April 2007, is to make matching grants to support the operating expenses of Cuyahoga County’s arts or cultural organizations whose primary missions are to create, produce, present or provide services to the public.

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