Friday, June 29, 2007

Breuer - Response from Mayor Jackson

Here is a press release sent from Mayor Jackson's office regarding the Planning Commission's vote to allow the County Commissioner's plan to demo the Breuer Tower:

From: Office of the Mayor

Andrea V. Taylor, Press Secretary
(216) 664-4171 or (216) 857-7998
Michelle Watts, Assist. to Chief of Communications

For Immediate Release
June 29, 2007

Mayor Jackson’s Statement on the Ameritrust Tower Decision

“The Planning Commission made the right decision. The Euclid Avenue and 9th Street area of the corridor is an important part of the future of downtown. With approximately 1500 additional people in that area, along with the 25,000 people we are working to attract to the Downtown neighborhood, this decision becomes key to the revitalization of the City of Cleveland and the region,” said Mayor Frank Jackson.



Tim Ferris said...

Drivel. Utter nonsense.

Nobody who has any values thinks flooding an area with government offices is revitalization.

Nobody who wants to build their personal wealth comes to a place where the government constantly undermines traditional values.