Friday, June 29, 2007

Breuer - the end?

This is the first news post I could find about this today. From WKYC:

CLEVELAND -- By a 5-2 vote, the city planning commission has given the green light to a plan to demolish the Ameritrust tower at the corner of East 9th and Prospect.
The county wants to build a new headquarters complex on the site.

Architects, preservationists and tax watchdogs had all argued against demolition.

Some argued the building was an important piece of architectural history. It was designed by famed architect Marcel Breuer.

But in the end, the county managed to convince the planning commission that the present building could not be adequately renovated to meet needs.

Demolition is expected to take place in the spring with a new building opening by 2011.

The building will house 1,700 county workers.

It's hoped that the building will help revitalize Euclid Avenue.


susan miller said...

"It's hoped that the building will help revitalize Euclid Avenue."

To: our BOCC and CPC
From: a citizen taxpayer
Re: this Breuer Tower fiasco

Hope is not a strategy.