Sunday, April 01, 2007

Breuer - Down But Not Out

It appears there is still a small chance of survival for the Breuer Ameritrust Tower. The following comes from the Plain Dealer:

2 Ameritrust demolitions OK'd

The city's Planning Commission voted Friday to allow the demolition of two buildings to begin making way for Cuyhoga County's new administration center. The commission also signaled it wants a lot more information before it votes to demolish a taller building on the site - the old Ameritrust Tower, which a number of preservationists want saved. The commission voted to approve razing the Huron and Prospect buildings and three pedestrian bridges, near the corner of Prospect Avenue and East Ninth Street. The approval came with six conditions, including a commission tour of the Ameritrust Tower, a master plan for redeveloping the site and a presentation on plans to preserve the tower. Commissioners voted 2-1 this week to demolish the tower.
I cannot give you the feeling of the actual discussion at last Friday's Planning Commission meeting since I was not there. (As you may have noticed from the lack of Planning Commission Meeting summaries, I have been able to attend - nor will in the near future - many of the meetings.) Regardless, there are people who are still fighting to save the tower, including some who are willing to chain themselves to the columns on the East 9th street side of the building for demonstration purposes. (Comment if you are interested and I might forward your information to the person attempting to set it up)

Perhaps you are the type of person who feels it is more of a statement send a letter or email to the commissioners. Well,don't bother sending one to Commissioner Hagan If you do this is the response you will get:

The message that you sent was undeliverable to the following:

cntfh (UNUSED)

That is pure genius in action. I am sure the "real" story will reveal the county email system was undergoing some sort of regularly scheduled service or a denial of service attack on the county servers. I suggest 'Cc'ing the email to any other official who's address is still working .


theodore said...

scott, send me the info of those people. i.. um.. know people who might be interested in chaining themselves to a buildings.