Tuesday, October 03, 2006

September 1, 2006 Cleveland Planning Commission Summary

And here is the second of three Planning Commission reports that will be posted
The next one will probably not be up until Thursday.

Cleveland Planning Commission – September 1, 2006

9:10 AM




1. Ordinance 1264-06: An agreement with Case Western University to allow and accept the right-of-way improvements to East 105th Street between Euclid Avenue and Bellflower Road as a gift to the city.

2. Ordinance 1265-06: Amends the Title and Section 1 of Ordinance 1989-05, passed February 13, 2006 relating to a permit to encroach into Superior Avenue by installing, using and maintaining 16 bollard lights and 7 planters at 1100 Superior Avenue.

3. Ordinance 1268-06: Gives consent of the City of Cleveland to the Board of County Commissioners for the repair of the West 49th Street/Herman Avenue Bridge over the West Shoreway – specifically, structural steel repairs.

4. Ordinance 1270-06: Authorizes the acquisition of certain easement rights from Cleveland State University for the public improvement of Euclid Corridor

5. Ordinance 1275-06: Authorizes the lease of property located at 9801 Walford Avenue from Walford Industrial Park, LLC, for a term of ten years, for the public purpose of operating an emergency medical services base station and for ancillary uses related to the base station.

6. Ordinance 1282-06: Amends sections of various ordinances related to wall murals and airport land protective districts, and authorizes the city to enter into a lease with Clear Channel Outdoor to erect a billboard on land at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.
The wall murals will be located within the CBD and Flats Oxbow District. There will be six total –one will be public art. They can only go up on walls that are unsightly, needs to cover 8% of the unsightly wall, and can contain no more then 30% text. The Planning Commission has yes/no authority over any particular wall, location and the way the sign is placed on the wall. Once the wall is chosen, the image (which will be high resolution art/photo) can change every six months without review. The community will review the one wall that will contain the public art element.
Coyne: Expressed concern about how the ordinance ties the city’s hands s far as regulation is concerned.
(Passed: 4 to 2)

7. Ordinance 1283-06: Amends part of the codified ordinances of Cleveland relating to Local Retail Business Districts

8. Ordinance xxx1-06: Union Miles District Business Revitalization District Expansion

9. Ordinance xxx2-06: Authorizes the sale of property as part of the Land Reutilization Program located on East 70th Street, Zoeter and Lawnview Avenues to New Mount Zion Baptist Church

Summary Calendar (all approved)

1. Ordinance 1234-06: Authorizes the sale of property as part of the Land Reutilization Program located on1467 East 65th Street to Deborah Gray

2. Ordinance 1235-06: Authorizes the sale of property as part of the Land Reutilization Program located on East 82nd Street to Leemar Sutton

3. Ordinance 1254-06: Related to the public improvement of constructing the Keller II Water Tower at the City of Brunswick

4. Ordinance 1266-06: Related to the rehabilitation, renovating reconstruction and improvement of Cleveland Browns Stadium

5. Ordnance 1274-06: Related to the public improvement of renovating the city kennels

6. Ordinance 1277-06: Authorizes the sale of property as part of the Land Reutilization Program located at 1723-25 East 55th Street; 1733 East 55th Street and 5607 Lexington Avenue to Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church


1. Ordinance 1280-06: Related to public improvement of abating asbestos, and demolishing the remaining structure and concrete pad at the former Midland Steel property located at 10615 Madison Avenue, and environmental remediation

2. Ordinance No. 1281-06: Amends Section 161.04 of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland passed June 19, 1972, relating to designation of landmarks and landmarks districts

3. Ordinance No. 1284-06: Establishing the Burten-Bell-Carr Business Revitalization District

4. Ordinance No. 1288-06: To add the name John Melvin Street as a secondary name to East 115th Street between Mayfield road and Cornell Road

DESIGN REVIEW (all approved)

1. DRC 05-113-B: 3447 West 150th Street, Single Family House designed by Fred Leonard, Front Setback Revision (Ward 21) (Fr CPC April 21, 2006)

2. DRC 06-123: West 14th Street & Quigley Avenue Traffic Circle, Public Art Installation
This is possible through a grant from NPI and Steel Yard Commons developer, Mitch Snyder ($45,000). Local artist, Michael Murphy is the designer. The installation, poles holding up various cut metal sheets that when looked at from a certain direction will show a hand holding a lotus flower (signifies the act of giving), will be 8 feet in diameter and range from 12 to 16 feet high. The traffic circle is 128 feet in diameter. The landscaping will have Thornberry bushes around it to prevent people from getting to close to the art. The lighting element is still under discussion. The installation will be up by the end of the year.
(Approved with commendations)

*Note: There is a four minute video on the artist website that "was part of the presentation that I prepared for the project selection committee. It's a video portrait of the site and the mill within it's view. It discusses the imagery used and how it relates to modern, art, architecture , the site and the associated individuals."

3. DRC 06-124: 601 Erieside Avenue, Great Lakes Science Center, Public Art for the Wind Turbine: “Windworks: Shadow Walks”
Project Description from Cleveland Public Art:
WindWorks will make visual and personal the idea that our homes’ electricity can be created by the wind; turn attention towards the turbine’s function as a producer of clean energy; create an environment that invites and encourages exploration of the wind turbine; be intriguing when the artwork is viewed from above (City Hall, Cleveland Browns Stadium, blimp during football games); draw people to the turbine from the main street sidewalk and from the GLSC; highlight the connections between art and science, form and function; transform the turbine into sculpture before our eyes. Specifically, WindWorks will create two pedestrian pathways whose forms are derived from the actual shadows of the wind turbine on the day of the equinox.
Walking the "shadow pathways" will draw eyes upward to consider the beautiful form and function of the wind turbine. After walking one of the shadows, viewers will converge at a plaza ringing the turbine's base. Divided into 24 sections symbolizing 24 hours, inside the plaza they will encounter a series of sculptural seating arrangement created in cast concrete.
The sculptural arrangements will be based on calculations of the average American's home electricity consumption, represented by the traditional one hundred watt light bulb. Based on calculations provided by the US Department of Energy, 4,167 one hundred watt bulbs, illuminated for a full 24 hours, is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of one American household. Artists Allan and Ellen Wexler’s “sitable sculpture” is comprised of 4,167 cast concrete bulbs. In addition, on the floor of the plaza, bronze text will be inlaid into the concrete to present related facts such as calculating wind direction and other environmental factors present on Cleveland’s lakefront.
Note: This was originally posted here. I now official retract any negative statements I originally made about this project. After seeing the final work, I can honestly say that this will addition will greatly enhance the City's catalog of public art and is yet another excellent piece brought to us by CPA.

4. DRC 06-125: The Avenue District: Mixed-Use Development, including Phase 1 Loft Building & Parking Garage, etc.
They are one contract shy of construction. They are now submitting applications for permits and seeking final approval in order to break ground.