Tuesday, October 03, 2006

August 4, 2006 Cleveland Planning Commission Meeting Summary

I have fallen behind on my Planning Commission reports - life called.
I went to the meetings and had started typing them out, I just had not finished formating them... until now.
Here are the previous three meetings starting with August 4. The next two will follow shortly

Cleveland Planning Commission Summary - 4 August 2006


Coyne (vacation)

Zoning (all approved)

Ordinance No. 1156-06: Changes the Use and Height District of the rear half parcel fronting West 11th Street from a General Industry District and "3" Height District to a Two-Family Residential District and a "1" Height District. The parcels being rezoned are near an area that was being used as a chicken farm for cockfights. The owner of the parcel (Cooper) is proposing to open a greenhouse and horticultural center for the Tremont neighborhood that will include an educational component.

Ordinance No 1158-06: Changes the Use District of land bounded by West 110th Street, Detroit Avenue, Norfolk & Southern Railroad and West Boulevard to a Residence Office District. The south side of Detroit from Berea Road to West 110th Street is already zoned Residence/Office. This area is near the recently refurbished Chickle Building. The area is proposed to have an additional mix of up to 40 townhouses plus an additional 80 - 90 units across the street.

Ordinance 1156-06: Changes the Use District of land bounded by Addison Road, Saint Clair Avenue and East 66th Street to a Residence Industry District

Ordinance 1160-06: Changes the zoning of land on the southeast corner of East 79th street and Kinsman Road, and the land on the southeast corner of East 93rd and Kinsman to a Residence Office District, a "C" Area District and a "2" Height District. This is part of the "Forgotten Triangle" area. Within the next two years, the new zoning will permit the construction of 20,000 sq ft of retail for the neighborhood.


Ordinance 1115-06: Authorizes the Director of Community Development to transfer eight parcels for the purpose of the Treadway Creek Greenway Restoration Project and will be part of the Tow Path Trail.

Ordinance 990-06: Authorizes the sale of property as part of the Land Reutilization Program located on East 55th Street to East 55th Street Properties LLC. This will allow for the expansion of a Shell Gas Station on the corner of Kinsman and East 55th Street


Ordinance 1065-06: Changes the name of Gray Avenue to Ted Ginn Sr. Avenue.

Ordinance 1128-06: Changes the name of Sunny Glen Avenue to Sunny Glen Drive. This road is a cul de sac.

Summary Calendar (all approved)

Ordinance 981-06: Authorizes Dominion East Ohio Gas Company easements rights in property located on West 130th Street at Brooklawn Avenue and declaring the easement rights not needed for public use

Ordinance 1106-06: Issues a permit to the Little Italy Redevelopment Corporation to encroach into the public right-of-way of Mayfield Road and Murray Hill Road with 50 hanging floral baskets to be attached to C.E.I. and Cleveland Public Power utility poles

Ordinance 1130-06: Authorizes the sale of property as part of the Land Reutilization Program located on Lexington Avenue to Pamela Yvette Campbell

Broadway BRD (approved)

BC 2006-005: 8411 Broadway Avenue – Demolition of the structure at 8411 Broadway for future development of a women’s treatment and outpatient facility operated by Community Assessment and Treatment Services.
The current building was a former car dealership and now houses 30 – 40 men. The proposed building, which is currently in fundraising mode, is proposed to recycle as much of the old building as possible and will be LEED Certified. The new structure will have parking in the back

DESIGN REVIEW (all approved)

DRC 06-102: 11110 Euclid Avenue, University Hospitals, Nurses Dormitories, proposed demolition. (Postponed to August 18)

DRC 06-103: 2060 Cornell Road, University Hospitals, Lerner Tower, skyline signs.
The Shield symbolizes the protection, strength and academic dimension of UH. The three bars: to heal; to teach; and to discover. The singular “UH” symbolizes the synergy between the medical and academic aspects of the facility and reinforces how the public has come to know the University Hospital system. The “person” symbolizes the commitment to people/patients/employees/community; exhibits health, hope and vitality; and brings the logo as a whole to life with a confident and forward-looking tonality. (Approved with commendation)

DRC 06-031: Reserve Square, Streetscape Improvements, East 12th Street Streetscape Plan, final approval.
Features angled parking, removal of median and bike path.