Monday, June 26, 2006

Cleveland Planning Commission Report - Friday, June 2, 2006

Cleveland Planning Commission Report, June 2, 2006

Call to order – 9:12 AM

Roll Call –

Tony Coyne
Bob Brown
Larry Lumpkin
Gloria Jean Pinkney
David Bowen

Joe Cimperman
Lillian Kuri
Rev. S. Small

Mandatory Referral, Summary Calendar & Administrative Approval
(all approved)
With exception of the first item, I am only giving a brief description of each item in this combined section since there were 41 separate ordinances that needed action taken. (This is mostly the reason for the lateness in this report – that and I just wanted to take a break.)

1. Ordinance No. 616-06
Authorizes the sale of property on Clover Avenue to JDA Development LLC.
This property will make be used to build 5 townhomes (Clover Court Townhomes) off of West 21st Place, near the Fentrell Lofts on Scranton Road.

Property Sales
9324 Reno Avenue, S.E. to Benton Robinson and Willie Price
805, 807, 811-15 East 115th Street to Strowder’s Funeral Chapel
Parcel on Superior Avenue to Northeastern Neighborhood Development Corporation
Parcel on East 66th Street to Church of God Militant Pillar and Ground of Truth
Parcel on Matilda Avenue to Consuala M. Haynes
Parcel on West 25th Street to Minh-T-Vang
Parcel on Churchill Avenue to FEDCO, LLC
Parcel on East 93rd Street to the Light of Liberty Church
Parcel on East 83rd Street to Patricia Holt and Gladys Lawrence
Parcel on Kinsman Road and East 90th Street to Burton, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. (This is to redevelop a shopping center that has fallen in disrepair.)
Parcel on St. Clair Avenue to Dawud Ali
Parcel on East 65th Street to Tyrone McCoy
Parcel on (?) 86th Street to Glenville R. Manning
Parcel on Broadway Avenue to Slavic Village Development Corporation
Parcel on East 160th Street to L. Square Development, LLC
1198 East 84th Street to Robert L. McDuffie II
Parcel on Linwood Avenue to Artist Duncan and Phyllis Duncan

Portion of Richmond Avenue
Portion of Sorg Court N.E.
Portion of Fidelity Avenue S.W.
Portions of Payne Court, N.E., East 25th Place and East 23rd Place
Portion of Webster Court N.E.
Portion of East 72nd Place
Portion of Stimpson Court S.W.
Portion of West 93rd Street
Portion of Crossing Court S.E.

Euclid Creek Stream Restoration Project
Sewer main, manholes and catch basins on Lorain Avenue, Marcella Drive, Westdale Avenue, West 160th Street and East 128th Street
Public Service Facility improvement
Lease agreement with Southwest Airlines at Hopkins International Airport
Lease agreement with American Flyers at Burke Lakefront Airport
Lease Agreement with VinCore, LCC at Burke Lakefront Airport
Removal and replacement of coolers at the West and East Side Markets

Midtown Design Review

MDR 2006-005: 2905-11 Chester Avenue, Private Dormitory to serve Cleveland State University, Renovation and New Construction, Seeking Conceptual Approval

The developer, Cecil Weatherspoon, wants to build a private dormitory that will house up to 600 students – mainly for, but not limited to, Cleveland State students. As this is a private project and not a state sponsored institutional project, the developer may not limit the proposed dorms to students only. Although he has stated he will be marketing the dorms to students, the dorms will be open to anybody.
Copy King, a bowling alley and a furniture store currently occupy the building. There is a BP Station at the western edge of the property. The current building will be used and a third floor addition is being proposed, as well as retail on the ground floor.
Zoning issues need to be resolved first.
The developer stated CSU helped with the feasibility study, but there is no formal relationship.
Tony Coyne stated the developer really should try to formalize their relationship with the university.

(ed. The proposed dorms are outside the boundary of the university’s master plan. A member of Capital Planning at CSU has stated that the developer should not be doing this as it will take away from what the university is trying to create in regards to College Town.)

Design Review (all approved)
DRC 06-061: 11901 Durant Avenue, CMSD, Patrick Henry Preschool and K-8, New Construction, Conceptual Review

This school is located next to Forest Hills Park, south of Glenville. Because of neighborhood input, features from the demolition of the old building will be used in the new building. Demolition will begin late this summer and construction should begin next year with opening in 2008.
The new school will be a red brick structure with a sloped roof. There will be a 2-story all glass connector and the building will have many windows.

DRC06-062: 3800 West 140th street, CMSD, Garfield K-8, New Construction, Conceptual Review

This school is between West 140th and West 143rd Streets, south of Lorain Avenue and north of Marshall. The property includes a community garden, which will remain. Short-term parking for the garden will be include near the drop off area.

DRC 06-065: 45 Erieview Plaza, AT&T Building, Building Identification Replacement Signs

This signage will replace the Ameritech signs on the building with the new at&t logo.

DRC 06-015: 2678 East 111th Street, CitiRAMA 2006, Single-family house by Ames Street Construction

Ground breaking for CitiRAMA was on Tuesday, April 29.
This last house is a replacement model for one of the developers that withdrew prom the program.