Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cleveland's Veterans Memorial Bridge - Subway Tour

I took my son to the Veteran's Memorial Bridge Subway tour this past weekend. I have not been there in about... hmmm, don't recall. I do recall it was before the county ever opened it to the public and that my friends and I should not have been there. Regardless, it was very cool and much, much cleaner then I recall.
Some of these shots are a bit bluury due to the camera and having to set the exposure timer on long in order to get the details. I do not have a tripod.
To see the whole set, go here:

This is my favorite shot. Very spooky. Dark figures walking into the light.


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures! It's high time that we thought about using this unduplicatable community asset once again for rail transportation.

Scott said...

I agree. I believe now is the time to seriously get some ideas moving.