Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cleveland State University Project Report for May

Below is the current status of ongoing projects at CSU. Not listed are items in the Master Plan that have yet to be approved by the Board (College of Education, Doan Electric, etc.)

Recreation Center

• Interior Painting of finished drywall is continuing.
• Locker room finishes and lockers are being installed.
• Wood floors in multipurpose rooms are being finished.
• Wood floor in main gym is being installed.
• Running track is being installed.
• Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technology systems are being installed.
• Site work is underway.

East Parking Garage
• Elevated decks on east bay are complete.
• Slab for the west bay is 50% complete.
• Elevated decks on west bay have begun.
• Structural steel for stairs and elevators will start in 2nd week of May.
• Brick and Masonry schedule to start by 2nd week of May.

Parker Hannafin Administration Center / Hall
• Structural steel in the Administration Building is complete.
• Roof on Administration Center is near completion.
• Decks in the Administration Building are complete.
• Excavation for Parker Hannifin Annex to begin soon.
• Metal studs, ductwork and sprinkler lines have started in the Administration Building.

Fenn Tower Residence Hall
• Exterior Restoration work is 95% complete. Sandstone on the exterior East elevation is 50% complete.
• Exterior light fixtures installation is 80% complete.
• New window installation is 98% complete, only the temporary trash chute area remains.
• Interior wall and ceiling framing is 95% complete through the building.
• Drywall on floors 4-19 is 99% complete. Basement up to 3rd floor is in progress.
• Tower floors 8-19 are 99% complete. Rooms are painted, carpeted, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, light
• fixtures are installed. Punch list on these floors is in progress.
• Floors 4-7 are dry walled. Floors 4 and 7 are currently being taped. The 5th floor is painted and
• cabinetry, plumbing and light fixtures are being installed. The 6th floor is currently being painted.
• Third floor ballroom areas are currently being restored.
• The basement through 2nd floors are in various stages of drywall installation.
• The mechanical, electrical and plumbing system tie-ins are all complete.
• Building roof installations are 95% complete.
• Furniture delivery is set to begin July 3rd, 2006.

Main Classroom Stair Tower Phase 1A
• Contractor will have Notice to Proceed by mid May.

Main Classroom Plaza Build Out Phase 1B
• Design Development drawings are at 30%.
• Shell bid package due in June 2006.

Student Center Phase II
• Both A/E Consultant and Construction Management have been approved. Currently in contract negotiation.