Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cleveland is getting a spot on Monopoly

I am still in warm San Antonio, Texas. I'll be back by the weekend
In the meantime, found this in the Akron Beacon Journal.

Help pick a Cleveland property for Monopoly

Cleveland's Euclid Avenue -- or Jacobs Field or North Coast Harbor -- will have a spot on a new Monopoly game board.

Starting today, fans can vote at www.monopoly.com for one of the three landmarks to be included on a Hear & Now edition of the game. Cleveland is one of the 22 "America's greatest destination cities'' that will be represented.

The online polls will be open until May 12 and final results will be unveiled in late summer, when the game arrives in stores. Fans can vote as often as once a day.

The updated game will also include inflated rents, contemporary game tokens and airports instead of railroads.


holly_44109 said...

i cast my vote!

Scott said...

that's great
what did you pick?

holly_44109 said...

euclid ave...you?

Scott said...

The same. I cannot believe so many people are picking sports facilities.
How are they landmarks.

Paul said...

Just found your blog - nice site. Grew up in Cleveland; I've lived in Denver since 1982. Seems to me the Terminal Tower continues to exemplify the top landmark for the city, or is that too old-fashioned? Of course, for someone who remembers Ralph Locher's tenure as mayor, I'm almost inclined to nominate an engulfed Cuyahoga River as the city's Monopoly icon, but that would be too cynical.

Scott said...

Thank s, Paul.
(I responded through your email)