Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Comment on Urban Ohio's Forum: "Building 'Pesht' - Cleveland Megaproject"

As mentioned on the Cuyahoga County Weblog, Ken Prendergast has just completed his three part series on developer Bob Stark's vision for downtown Cleveland in the Sun News.
From the County Weblog
The West Side Sun News concludes its three-part series on developer Robert Stark's downtown Cleveland plans with a look at ideas for accelerating the Port Authority's proposed relocation across the Cuyahoga River from the 50 year concept in the City's Lakefront Plan.
If you have not read the articles, do it now. Or, go to the forum instead. You can get some good backround information provided by Ken as well as some interesting opinions by many others. Currently, there is a discussion on what the new neighborhood north of the Warehouse District should be called. What would you call it?