Monday, January 09, 2006

Cleveland Planning Commision Report - Friday, January 6, 2006

This sucks, I had to completely retype this post because I am an idiot.

I wish I had thought of this sooner – for now on, when reporting the happenings from the Planning Commission Meeting, I will include a rooster of attendees. After attending these meetings for the better part of three years, I have noticed there are many times when certain members are not there; that is, there are at least two members who are rarely there. Seeing as this is a compensated position, which includes parking, you would think that most of the members would be there a majority of the time. I have a problem with this. At a later posting, after doing some research, I will describe the details of how a member is appointed and what the expectations are to be of them, as well as there compensation.
On with the meeting

Mandatory Referrals (All Approved)
  1. An amendment to a previously passed ordinance regarding zoning of parcels on the west side of West 117th Street between Western Avenue and I-90
  2. Issuing a permit to allow Medical Mutual to install planter boxes, Planting beds and other streetscape obstructions
  3. Allowing Green Energy Ohio to lease space on the Kirtland Intake Crib for the purpose of conducting a wind study and maintaining a wind-monitoring tower for a two-year period. The city of Cleveland will receive the equipment after the two year study
  4. Determining the construction and installation of manually controlled pumps and equipment at the Nottingham Plant
  5. Authorizing the sale of property from the Land Reutilization Program to the Cleveland Public School District at East 146th and 147th Streets
  6. Demolition of the Trinity Building at 9203 Detroit Avenue, including asbestos abatement and remediation of the soil and groundwater at the site (This will the first major addition to the city’s Industrial Landbank Program in almost a year).
  7. [Added to the agenda] Rename a portion of Erieside Street behind the Great Lakes Science Center to Mather Way (pictured - lower half of image, source Google.)
Summary Calendar (all approved)
  1. Authorizing the sale of property on Marvin Avenue to Civic Builders as part of the Land Reutilization Program
  2. Authorizing the sale of city-owned property in Wade Park on East Boulevard to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs
  3. An addendum to a previously passed ordinance relating to the reconstruction of Jennings road (which, incidentally, began today)
  4. An amendment to a previously passed ordinance relating to the widening of West 150th street between Industrial Parkway and Brookpark Road
  5. Vacate a portion of Holmden Road (this will be used as a staging area for construction of Steel Yard Commons and Quigley Road)
Design Review
  1. Ohio & Erie Canal Signage Program, Conceptual Review – The signs (conceptual renderings pictured) designed by Cloud Gehshan Associates, will replace the fading signs that currently exist throughout the corridor. The Ohio & Erie National Canalway name will be changed to the Ohio & Erie Canalway. This falls within new guidelines created by the Feds who are changing all references to “Scenic Byway” to America’s Byway.” Apparently, many travelers are confused by the ‘scenic’ designation when driving through urban areas like the area near the Main Post Office. This was approved with a recommendation to add the website address to the bottom of the signs.
  2. Demolition and Parking Lot Design of the former Saint John’s Dormitory (1964) at 1100 Rockwell Avenue
Special Presentation – Little Italy Master Plan
The PD article by Tom Breckenridge does a much better job then I ever could describing the nuances of the plan. The Little Italy Master Plan, although not the first neighborhood plan to be brought before the commission, is diffidently the most comprehensive neighborhood plan ever brought to the board for approval. The plan was approved with the highest of commendation.

Directors Report
Director Bob Brown happily stated that he was sworn in as Mayor Jackson’ Director of the Planning Commission Monday, January 2.
He mentioned there was a good possibility that the planning functions of the city’s Neighborhood Development Department may be merged with the Planning Commission. A move I am surprised has not happened sooner.
Mentioned that ODOT’s perceived gesture of goodwill by having national experts look at the southern alignment option of the Innerbelt Plan was not as it seemed. Apparently, these experts would have had to make a recommendation on the plan anyway. Regardless, I hope they give it a fair look.