Thursday, November 10, 2005

LeBron James wallscape

Has anybody seen the new wallscape of LeBron James on the western wall of the Tower City? (I think it is the offices of Sherwin Williams - I cannot think of what building it is. It is the northwest corner of Ontario and Huron.)
On February 4 of this year, ARG/MediaPro of Beachwood, Ohio went before the Cleveland Planning Commission with their plans to put up a large image of King James on said wall. The commission was very excited about it and suggested that they make it bigger then what was proposed. One member suggested that the company research the possibility of attaching a giant hoop James is coming out of to the wall in order to make it appear that the picture for the slam. The final result is a little different then what was proposed, but it still came out pretty good.
The pictures are of the wall as it has always looked, the proposed picture and the almost final product.
I think this is a good thing. It does not matter who it is on the wall, any to cover up some of the boring views of the city, especially wall like this one that thousands of people see everyday.
In my opinion, we need more signage downtown. It gives vibrancy to the city. I am not saying every building should advertising on, just enough to create some life.
Last year there were some temporary 'signs' around the city for Reebok. They were just moving images projected on walls from the back of some vans parked in parking lots. That was very cool, and I bet it cost a fraction of what others have to pay for typical signage.