Thursday, November 24, 2005

Forest City news

I received an email today addressed to not only myself, but also to the writers of Full Cleveland and Urban Paradoxes (at least these were the visible addresses). The email came from the John Kroll, Deputy Business Editor of the Plain Dealer. It reads:
The Plain Dealer will begin a five-part series on the transformation of Forest City Enterprises this Sunday, Nov. 27. We thought local blogs that discuss development issues might like to know.

When the series begins, it will go online at

We've already begun a blog that will track the company's operations, at

John Kroll
Deputy Business Editor
The Plain Dealer
I must say I am humbled to be in league with the other two blogs. I nmy opinion there are more worthy commentatorsout in the sphere then I. That being said - I checked out the blog. There is not much there as of now, but that is a given since this is only the beggining. Here is one of the blurbs from the Forest City blog posted on Tuesday.

Urban Revival: Forest City's Rise
This Sunday, The Plain Dealer launches a five-part series about Cleveland-based real estate developer Forest City Enterprises Inc. The series charts Forest City's transformation from a suburban developer and home-improvement retailer in Greater Cleveland to one of the country's pre-eminent urban redevelopers.

It's a story of remarkable growth that is inextricably linked to the Ratner family that controls the company, and that also highlights Forest City's complex relationship with its hometown.

As an online companion to the series, The Plain Dealer is also launching this blog devoted to Forest City. It will live on long after the series ends, as a central information bank for the company's developments across the country. Forest City has projects percolating from coast to coast, and we'll post major news here, along with links to media stories, blogs and Web sites about the company in other cities. -- CM

A thought before I go to bed dreaming of turkey and snow.
Is the PD putting this five part series under its Quiet Crisis?

I have nothing against Forest City, I actually remeber going to Frest city hardware on Brookpark Road when I was younger.
I do realize that Cleveland has alway had a problem with irking the big boys in town and thia may include them. However, I do wish FCE would concentrate on more things here other then apartments.

night, night


John Kroll said...

Thanks for the post.

This series isn't a part of Quiet Crisis. It's mostly an attempt to catch up with a company that, without much notice in its hometown, has become sought out by cities from coast to coast for big projects (with the controversy such projects always bring). Why? How does Forest City do it? That's what we wanted to find out.

Your perception that all FCE does in Northeast Ohio is apartments is understandable. The last part of our series asks the basic questions, what has FCE done in its hometown, and why hasn't it done more? I hope you'll be reading.