Friday, October 21, 2005

Brain Gain Observations

I went to the Brain Gain event last night held in the Community Room at the Plain Dealer. I have wanted to go to one of these for a while now and finally had the chance. Good times were had by all – free booze and food will do that. You can view my pictures here. (A lovely picture of George and Tim.)

Here are pictures from’s Ryan Cornell. I liked this t-shirt made using a quote from Chris Ronayne. “This is not your daddy’s Cleveland.” That is a much better tagline then “Be Leavin’ Cleveland” “Believe in Cleveland.”

I was particularly interested in hearing comments from Mayor Campbell and especially Council President Jackson. I am very much not knowing whom I will vote for next month. Campbell is the more polished speaker of the two, but you have to like the fact that Jackson knows what he does not know and is not afraid to show it. This tells me that he would most likely find the most qualified people to do the things that need to be done – as opposed to micro managing. I am not saying that is how I perceive the current administration, but comparatively speaking, it could be perceived as such.

I was turned off by his response to me when I asked him face to face a question related to planning. On one hand, “he knows what he does not know” – on the other, he pretty much said straight out that he did not think much of how things were done in the planning department. I was surprised by this because I had just spoken with somebody who I respect and trust who told me that Jackson often speaks with him about planning related issues in a positive light.

Despite the current mayor’s flaws, and we all know she has them no matter what side of the fence you are on, she has done much toward planning a better future for the city – and that is something that appeals directly to me.

Now do I vote thinking of how the outcome will directly affect me and my future, or do I vote thinking about the future of the city, and region, as a whole? I may have just answered my own question.