Thursday, September 01, 2005

Where Was I?

Random thoughts:

I will not be posting as much since classes have started.
I have Statistics and Finance.
I have been amazed, devastated, shocked and (place appropriate adjective here) about the destruction from Katrina.
I have always been a news junkie in one way or another. This is different then other events, though. When 9/11 happened, I watched as much as the next person did; however, after a couple of days the news just regurgitated the same thing over and over.
Now, every time I turn on the news or refresh a web site, things keep getting worse.

I told Noelle that I had a bad feeling about this storm right after it hit Florida. Last night I told her that if order is not restore in some way soon, I could realistically see people attacking those that are trying to help. I also told her that I would not be surprised if somebody started shooting at the helicopters above. Then this morning, she sent me this: Superdome evacuation disrupted after shots fired at helicopter. Simply amazing.

Go here, here, here, here or here to see some amazing before and after satellite photos of New Orleans from

At least the POTUS’s cronies are going to make a bunch of money out this. The EPA has waived the “the requirement to sell “summer gasoline” which contains a lower volatility limit…” and “…also allowing the use of diesel fuel which exceeds 500 ppm sulfur content.”
So it is ok to create more pollution – cheaply – in order to satisfy the rest of the country’s thirst for gas. I think they should have left the requirement alone and the users should change their driving and spending habits. Call it a sacrifice; it’s the least the rest of the country could do.
At least the waiver is last only until September 15. Something tells me that it will be extended.

What is really nice to see is the generous outpouring of help for those who are now homeless. has a section dedicated to those who are in need of help and those who are giving.