Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You Get What You Pay For!

One day, not so long ago, my wife went to Mark’s Discount for some goodies and comes home with a new toilet seat and cover. We needed one, as the former was not living up to its duties.
She was very excited about this particular toilet seat because it had only cost her $4.00.
You see, she is very thrifty and given our current income (me being poor as a student… because I am one), this was the find of the year.
I had made fun of her for buying such a not-so-heavy seat; it was small, but it was cushy. So I installed it and was happy to be the first one to christen it.
Not more then two weeks later, I was at the friendly neighborhood Home Depot buying a new sturdier and not-so-light toilet seat.

It comes down to this – You get what you pay for.

Now the CFA, with urging from the county commissioners, et al, is being asked change much of what they wanted in a new convention center. I m not going to rehash what has already been said in hundreds of forums, I just thought that this was going to be the next big project that would make a visible statement about how the city gets things done.
But what do I know?
Lord knows I am not the only person who thought of having a portion of the cost financed through the Port. I am sure the report from Turner took into consideration the substantial savings from historic tax credits – although I have not heard about it.
Yep, what do I know? I’m just an overly optimistic planning student.
Maybe there is a way to get more bang for the buck, it’s just going to be smaller, and cushier.