Saturday, July 16, 2005

Port Authority ends its quest for Whiskey Island

According to this article from Crain's, the Port is no longer interested in acquiring Whiskey Island through purchase or eminent domain. I do not know what to think about this. This may put the development of the area on the NE side of the Cuyahoga on hold. You do not here much about this, but I am under the impression that the whole land swap thing was about freeing up land north of the stadium in order to extend downtown to the lakefront. So what will happen now? I will have to make a couple of calls.

People kill me when they complain about losing
Whiskey Island. It is not going anywhere. The plan was to turn it clockwise 90 Degrees. Everything that makes WI the place it is will still be there. I go there with my kids and if I thought there was some risk in losing it, I would be there right next to Ed fighting.
At the same time, there would be consolidation of industrial areas to surrounding the ore terminal. I feel this is better then having a hodge podge of it the entire waterfront (lake and river). Again, I will have to find out ore about this.