Monday, July 25, 2005

New Power Sources - A Step in the Right Direction

It is good to see that Green Energy Ohio has put up the wind turbine at the top of the water crib. Too bad - the PD missed another news opportunity. (Maybe they were sitting on the story so not to have any reporter get in trouble. They were beat again, this time by Crain's. There will probably be a picture of it in the paper tomorrow.... tomorrow... tomorrow.)
I have not actually seen the tower yet, though I will be looking for it on off the Main Avenue Bridge on my way to pick up my son from band practice.
There is a web site from Green Energy Ohio that will provide real-time data and live web cam, or Crib Cam, aimed at downtown Cleveland.
This is a great opportunity for the region as everyone knows, or should know, this area of the country is much windier then other so-called windy cities.
Some time before fall, 2005, the Great Lakes Science Center will start installing their 145-foot wind turbine right at their front door.
Unfortunately, the city of North Royalton, which was having serious discussions of setting one or more wind turbines, has decided to not pursue it for now. That's ok, more and more people are becoming aware of the potential our region has for wind-generated electricity. At least the PD got that story in on Sunday.

(picture found on google - still learning the flickr and picassa thing)

As predicted, the PD had a very nice picture of the operation on its cover on Tuesday. As well as a decent, but brief article on how the turbine will work. Unfortunantly, they were not able to get as much installed as desired due to the haze.
I wonder how the part that was installed fared against the 75+ mph winds we had on the Lakefront Tuesday night.


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