Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Missing Meeting

I hate going to meetings that do not exist.
Today I went to meeting in the Archwood Denison neighborhood to hear what was in the works for the I71/Fulton/West 25th Street segment of the Innerbelt project. I grew up in and around this area, so I wanted to be part of the discussion. I am also on the ward study committee for the Old Brooklyn Neighborhood and feel this project will have an impact on the two wards that make up the area.
I know for sure the meeting was supposed to happen today. I was very careful when I put this date in my calendar. There could only be one of three things that happened.
The meeting was cancelled (although there were no notes on any of the doors at the United Church of Christ), the Sun News gave the wrong information in the article they wrote about this or there is a different United Church of Christ on Archwood that I do not know about. I suppose there are other possibilities. Maybe there was a change in the date because nobody else was there. I will have to give Bob Andrew (I think he is the president of the Concerned Citizens of Archwood) a call and ask him about it or at least Ward 15 Councilwoman Emily Lipovan Holan. I will stick with Bob; I have known him since I was in high school. His son and I went to the same school together - The Kings Academy. That was twenty years ago.
I digress.
I came home to look at the ODOT/Innerbelt site to see if there was any mention of this meeting there. (By the way, if you have not been to the site lately, check it out. They cleaned it up. It looks much more professional then it has since its inception over three years ago. However, they really need to update the meetings. There are still reminders of the meeting in June at Myers University.) There was none.
It's too bad. I brought my camera and notebook to take notes so that I could blog everything that happened in this medium. Heaven knows there would be no mention of it anywhere else.


Anonymous said...

please send your email address to christmasvictorian at hotmail dot com to be included on the mailing list so that you will be informed of meeting changes, etc. This change should be blamed on the Mayor; she decided to hold a neighborhood meeting on our meeting night. Postcards and emails were sent out in regards to the changes. The meeting was held the following Thursday.