Friday, July 15, 2005

Jump in, the Water is Fine

I have to admit, trying to start two of these at once is not as simple as I imagined. Although, if I were a better writer… maybe.

There is so much happening in the region; I really do not know where to start. With so many people in the B-Sphere commenting on this development or that policy, why would my opinions matter? Well, if I am going to just jump in…

I really get a kick out of all of the anti-Wal-Mart sites out there, (especially this new one) but I don’t want to pull a Cimperman by putting down the company and then being exposed going there for my treats. The fact is I go there on occasion. Well, my wife does more then I would care to admit. She likes it; she does the shopping; she handles the cash flow. I prefer Martha-Mart more then the other and besides, I am still an underemployed student with four kids and two cats to take care of. We will go where the goods are the cheapest. Noelle diligently goes through the sales papers every week to find out who has the lowest prices on grapes, milk, etc. usually it will be Marc’s and sometimes Giant Eagle.

We try to avoid Topps these days, which is sad because it is right down the street. They do not take care of there customers or employees and when you try to speak to the mis-managers, they blow you off or send you a form letter. I have a feeling once the new Giant Eagle comes to West 117th Street they will fix up things a little.

Therefore, to put things straight on where I stand on wall-to-wall-mart, I will shop there if they have the lowest prices. I will do it more once they are in the city – I do try to keep my spending in the city as much as possible. I do not agree with most of their practices and I wish they would change some of there policies companywide regarding sustainability and more so on imports and labor law violations. The concerned citizens of Cleveland should be bringing these things to the table, not whether or not Mr. Smiley should have groceries in the store.

The argument that they are going to take away jobs and business from the small stores does not fly with me, especially since Topps just closed the Clark Avenue store. You’re going to tell me that people are going to be equally upset when a new restaurant opens in the Warehouse District? WHAT!?! But the other establishments might loose business. What are we going to do? If you can’t take the heat…