Monday, February 28, 2011

"The State of Our Arts" - 2011

State of Our Arts 2011

In 2006, voters enacted a 10-year tobacco tax specifically to support arts and culture in Cuyahoga County.  With that action, county residents created dedicated public support that could make a real difference. 

As CAC enters its fourth year of public investment in arts and cultural programs across the 59 communities that make up Cuyahoga County, what has happened?  What has been the impact of dedicated public funding for the region's arts & cultural ecosystem?  How has the presence of this important public resource, one of the largest dedicated local sources of arts funding in the nation, helped improve economic development and the quality of life for all County residents?  And what is Cuyahoga Arts & Culture doing to ensure that all residents of the County continue to benefit from public investment in the arts?

On Wednesday, March 30 at Noon, CAC Executive Director Karen Gahl-Mills will explore these questions and share substantive data about the impact of arts and culture on the region, as she addresses "The State of Our Arts" at the City Club of Cleveland.

For more information about the City Club, this event, or learn about how to download a podcast of this event, please visit the City Club's Web site:

Please Note:  This is not an official CAC event; the State of Our Arts is an event of the City Club of Cleveland.  CAC is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio, which collects a dedicated tax on cigarettes sold in Cuyahoga County, and reinvests those funds as grants to local nonprofit organizations that focus on arts and culture.  For more information about CAC,