Friday, February 12, 2010

Repost: Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Strategic Vision and Plan

Repost from Great Lakes Green Pages

Strategic Plan
Written by Robert Stockham
An RFP is being issued by the City of Cleveland.  This RFP will build on the work of the Sustainability Summit to create a team that can build the economic engine of Cleveland.  They will be hiring a consultant or team of consultants.  This team will not be starting from scratch.  It will build on the information already brought together by regional experts.  They will use this data, combined with action steps that came from the summit to draft an initial Strategic Plan that the city can use to drive the future of the Cleveland and NE Ohio.  One criticism that was raised at a meeting last night was that we do not have a plan for our future.  This team will craft that plan.  It will be the blueprint for building our future, but like any blueprint, it will have to be changeable and updatable.  You can find this RFP on the city’s website in the Department of Finance:
Do you know sustainability and how to use that to build an economic engine for the future?  Check out the RFP and see what you have to offer.