Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow Removal Plan & Possible Parking Ban for Tonight

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January 7, 2010
Snow Removal Plan & Possible Parking Ban for Tonight
Cleveland Department of Aging Contacts Over 50,000 Seniors

CLEVELAND – To manage this afternoon’s snowfall, 52 units of the City of Cleveland snow removal fleet were dispatched at 12:00 noon to begin pre-salting the main streets in order to prevent the likelihood of rush hour gridlock due to snow or ice on the roads. Snow removal crews will be fully staffed with 52 drivers around the clock for the next 24 to 48 hours. Initially, all primary main and secondary main streets will be serviced. Tandem plowing will occur based on what the weather conditions are, with the drivers remaining on the main and secondary streets until the snow subsides and the roads are in good/passable condition. Crews will transition into residential streets with systematic salting and plowing 8 hours after the snowfall ends completely. The goal is to have all streets serviced within 24 to 36 hours depending on the actual amount of snow fall. This work plan will be ongoing until main thoroughfares and residential streets are clear.

When and if snow accumulation exceeds 2 inches or more, the Public Safety Director of the City of Cleveland may enact a Snow Emergency Parking Ban. This will allow snow plows sufficient time to remove snow and ice and move through city streets at a good pace. When a snow ban goes into effect, stopping, standing, and parking of vehicles will be restricted and prohibited on City streets with posted red and white signs. Once the parking ban begins it will continue UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, anyone who fails to comply will be ticketed and towed.

Additionally, the City of Cleveland is requesting voluntary compliance from residents who are parked in areas that do not have parking bans. This will ensure that plows can service the entire width of the street – curb-to-curb.

As part of the City’s winter weather plan, the Department of Aging made 50,865 calls to Cleveland seniors 65 and older with a message to stay safe in the coming days of severe weather. Click here to hear the message.

This plan is based on snow accumulation not exceeding 8 inches in 24 hours. Updates will be available as the forecasted snow event progresses. Residents with snow removal concerns should call (216) 664-2510.

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