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Cleveland Planning Commission Report - 012210


Planning Commission Members

Anthony J. Coyne, Chairman
David H. Bowen
Lillian Kuri
Lawrence A. Lumpkin
Gloria Jean Pinkney
Joe Cimperman
Norman Krumholz
Robert N. Brown 
All present 
  1. LS 10-001:1969-71 East 123rd Street, 80’x75’ lot for Margarita Trivisonno (Ward 9)
There are two houses currently on this single parcel: a 5/5 in the front and a 3/3 in the rear. The current owners would like to split their current lot for tax reasons. There is one tax on the parcel and they feel it is difficult to equitably split this. if there are two parcels, then they would be taxed on their individual appraisal.

The Commission motioned and approved to table this until the owners have a chance to better explore their options. It was suggested there may be a better way of resolving their financial issues. The Commission also requested legal documentation establishing proper easement rights to the rear portion of the parcel

1. Ordinance No. 29-10 To amend Section 347.02 of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland, Ohio, 1976, as enacted by Ordinance No. 1562-08, passed February 2, 2009, relating to restrictions on the keeping of farm animals and bees.

This item was brought before the Commission to fix a some of the wording in the legislation previously approved February 2009 so the Building and Housing Department isn't clogged up approving plans that call for simple coops for bees, chickens, and other farm animals. Anything other than small coops will still need to be approved. Motion to approve - passed

2. Ordinance No. 1268-09 (former Ward 3/New Ward 6/Mitchell):  An emergency ordinance authorizing the sale of real property as part of the Land Reutilization Program and located  11300 Kinsman Road to Greater Friendship Baptist Church.

This was originally submitted by the former councilperson under the impression the lot would be improved with parking for the multi-family structure adjacent to  the property. The application was originally submitted proposing open space and the applicant told the planning staff subsequent to the legislation introduction that it is NOT his intention to develop a parking lot. The current councilperson does not support the legislation to sell if it is not for a parking lot.
Motion to not approved - passed.

3. Ordinance No. 13-10 (Ward 15/Zone):  Authorizing the Director of Parks, Recreation and Properties to enter into a property adoption agreement with the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization to maintain the Gordon Square parking lots known as Kennedy Lot and CPT Lot.

This will enable the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Corporation the responsibility of maintaining parking lots servicing the Gordon Square segment of Detroit Avenue. Motion to approve - passed.
4. Ordinance No. 14-10 (Ward 2/Reed):  Authorizing the Director of Parks, Recreation and Properties to execute a deed of easement granting to AT&T certain easement rights in property located near the northeast corner of East 136th Street and Harvard Avenue and declaring the easements rights no longer needed for public use.

1. NW 2010-001: Battery Park Skyline Townhomes – New Construction 
1240-1268 West 73rd Street, also Addresses on Father Frascati Avenue, West 74th Street & Marina Court yet to be Determined

Project Representatives – Mike Marous, Vintage Development Group; Mike Caito, City Architecture

Description: Construction of twenty-four (24) new Skyline-style residential townhomes as part of Battery Park project’s Phase II component.  

This is part of phase 2 of the Battery Park neighborhood plan. The proposed 24 units are approximately 1600 square feet each and are priced between $250k - $300k each. The exterior will be mainly metal, brick and glass - the glass windows will be over sized to take advantage of the views.

Other related news - still working with ODOT to hammer out details of the West 73rd curve leading to the West Shoreway. This will likely add more usable space for the neighborhood. Work on the West 76 Street tunnel is set to start this spring. $1 million has already been set aside for these improvements.

To review the applicant’s submittal, please use the following link:

Motion to amend the previous PUD from a loft style building to the proposed townhomes - passed.

1. DF 2010-001 - Cleveland State University, The Corlett Plaza, Revised Interim Site Improvements
1935 Euclid Avenue (Ward 3)

Project Representatives – Tania Anochin, CSU; Anne Hartman, Ralph Tyler Cos.

This is a revised site plan for Corlett Plaza - former site of the Corlett Building which was demolished last year. The new plaza will be constructed using 'green' methods, including a rain garden and permeable pavement. All rain runoff is planned to be managed on site with no connection to the sewer system. There are five awnings planned that will allow for rain to run of into raised flower beds.

CSU will continue to have a weekly farmers market in season. The new layout will allow for 52 stands including space for temporary parking for each purveyor as well as power for each stand. A public toilet will be constructed that was originally planned to connect with university's sanitary sewer system, but Design Review and the Planning Commission both encouraged CSU to look into the possibility of a 'composting toilet.' Bike racks will also be available.

The question was raised by Chairman Coyne regarding the long term plans for the site. CSU responded by stating the current proposal is considered a long term, interim plan. However, the university's Master Plan (pdf) still calls for a performance/visual arts center of some kind. Not sure how this will fit into the university's recent proposal to purchase a building at 1901 East 13th Street for the Art Department

Motion to approve - passed.

2. DF 2010-002 - Cleveland State University, Demolition & Site Improvements, The 1910 Euclid Building (Ward 3)
Project Representatives – Tania Anochin, CSU; Anne Hartman, Ralph Tyler Cos.

This proposal calls for the demolition of a building located at 1910 Euclid  Avenue (see previous mention here) and site improvements. The plan continues the general design of the Corlet plaza across the street. This is scheduled to be complete this year and is already out to bid.

Motion to approve - passed.

3. DF 2009-066-a - 1936/38 Euclid Avenue, Exterior Renovation, Side Wall Treatment (Ward 3)
Project Representatives -  Damon Taseff, Allegro Realty Advisors; Paul Beegan, Beegan Architectural Design

This building, formerly the Morse Graphics Building is currently empty and being renovated for possible future use. The proposed plan is to add windows to the first and second floors on the side wall adjacent to the plaza in the previous plan. (see above)

Motion to approve - passed.


1. (2010-002) - MCCo Chiller Plant
Medical Center Company, Jae Cho
CBLH Deign

The hospital proposes to build an additional chiller plant adjacent to the existing chiller plant.

Motion to approve - passed.

Draft Resolution Calling for Bike and Pedestrian Access to New Inner Belt Bridge

A much more detailed report this was written by Mark Lefkowitz on GreenCityBlueLake:
After months of working in the trenches to re-imagine an Innerbelt Bridge with access to all (with a bike/pedestrian path and scenic overlook with panoramic views of the city), cycling and sustainability advocates took another step forward today as the Cleveland Planning Commission approved a resolution of support.
Commission member and former director of Cleveland Public Art (where she fought the battle to put a bike lane and promenade on the Detroit-Superior Bridge) Lillian Kuri led the charge that ODOT include language inviting alternative designs including a multi-purpose path atop the bridge as part of its Request for Qualifications bid packages. Commission members Anthony Coyne and David Bowen agreed that an alternative in the sealed bid process would invite engineering firms to provide a design for a bike/ped path.
Continue reading the rest of the post here:

City Planning throws weight behind open access for Innerbelt Bridge


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