Thursday, January 14, 2010

3C Quick Start Update — January 14, 2010

3C Quick Start Passenger Rail
 3C Quick Start Update — January 14, 2010

Help Ohio Get Ready to Ride!
The Federal Rail Administration (FRA) and the Obama administration are expected to make their decisions soon about which states will be awarded a portion of the $8 billion for passenger rail projects. We are confident that Ohio’s 3C “Quick Start” Passenger Rail plan – a $564-million proposal to build out the 3C corridor connecting Cincinnati to Dayton to Columbus to Cleveland – is very competitive. Why? on.
If we cut the ribbon on 3C “Quick Start” service tomorrow, it would have the 12th highest ridership of any Amtrak route in the U.S.

Take five minutes to make your voice heard.
Learn the latest on the proposal and let your elected leaders know what you think, check out the links below:
  • Visit 
  • Send an email to your network about Linking Ohio –  telling them how much their support is needed…doesn’t have to be long! Be sure to include its web address:
  • If you are on Facebook, become fans of 3C “Quick Start” and Linking Ohio. Use the “Suggest to Friends” tool on the left hand side of the page to bring other friends and family into the group
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Fast Facts — Why Ohio deserves this grant?

  • 3C corridor is one of the most populous corridors in America without passenger rail service. 
  • Ohio is located in a strategic part of the Midwest. Linking the country by passenger rail can’t happen in a meaningful way without going through Ohio.
  • We have the talent ready and willing to build this corridor – we’re a manufacturing state in need of construction projects.
  • Ohio has a labor force and manufacturing supply chain ideally suited to building the thousands of passenger rail cars that will be needed nationally.
  • Ohio is one of only a few states that are submitting for new corridor development.
And as always, thank you for your interest and support.