Thursday, September 06, 2007

Energyville: You're the Energy Czar

From the New York Times:

Also, from 2015: Terrorists Destroy Gas Pipelines.

Surely, these are the forecasts of tree-hugging SUV haters. Nope. The oracle here is Chevron, yeah, that Chevron, which comes to warn of dangerous pros

pects from our dependence on the crude stuff.

As curious is the medium for Chevron’s shout-out: a new online video game called “Energyville.”

Yes, a new petroleum-centric video game. A fun, lighthearted jaunt where you fight pollution, economic crisis, and the prospect of terrorism. Who needs Tetris! (You’ve got to love the URL:

The Energyville game, word of which is circulating on the In

ternet, gives you a chance to play energy czar in powering a city of the future. At your fingertips are such power sources as nuclear, hydro-electric, solar, wind, biomass, and, oh yeah, petroleum.

Your goal is come up with sufficient energy supplies to power the metropolis while balancing cost, environmental impact and security concerns. Choose too much solar, and businesses can’t afford the processing cells; choose nuclear, and face a dangerous accident; err on the side of heavy oil use, go to the aforementioned war.

Sure, it’s a rosy future. But take heart in one thing: Chev

ron isn’t glossing over the potential role of oil dependence in global security (though it is getting a chance to associate its brand name with reasonable self-awareness, like cigarette companies warning kids of the dangers of smoking).

Chevron indicates that its projections shouldn’t be taken too seriously, noting that its prognostications of future outcomes may be based on conjecture. In other words, you’re not getting any better information than Congress.

Meanwhile, the Chevron concept raises the idea for another game: McDonalds presents – “Have Another Big Mac: Your Arteries in 2025”

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