Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Krumholz Appointed to Cleveland Planning Commission

This is what happens when big stories are announced during the last weeks of a school semester. I can't believe I missed this one. Norm Krumholz has taught me many things and has been a good mentor and friend. Krumholz is a self proclaimed "bleeding-heart liberal," and there have been many times I sat in class arguing against his opinions of "Equity Planning" as being not equitable at all - but thats a different story and I was really only opposing him for opposition's sake.

I send him a heartfelt congratulations and wish him the best. The Cleveland Planning Commission and the City itself is in a much better position because of this appointment.

One thing that is interesting: this will be the first time there has not been a religious leader on the Planning Commission. I am not sure when or why this tradition started - I'm sure there was a good reason at the time.

In my opinion, this is possibly the best move Mayor Jackson has made as far as personnel changes within the city.

Good Luck, Norm.

From the Maxine Goodman-Levin College of Urban Affairs:
Norman Krumholz is a Professor in the Levin College of Urban Affairs who earned his planning degree at Cornell. Prior to this, he served as a planning practitioner in Ithaca, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland. He served as Planning Director of the City of Cleveland from 1969-1979 under Mayors Carl B. Stokes, Ralph J. Perk, and Dennis Kucinich.
Professor Krumholz has published in many professional journals, including the Journal of the American Planning Association, the Journal of Planning Education and Research, and the Journal of Urban Affairs. In addition, he has written chapters for many books. His book(with John Forester) Making Equity Planning Work won the Paul Davidoff book of the year award of the Associated Collegiate Schools of Planning.
His most recent book, Revitalizing Urban Neighborhoods (with Dennis Keating), was published by Sage in 1999. His research has been supported by the Cleveland Foundation, the George Gund Foundation, and the Ford Foundation.
He served as the President of the American Planning Association (1986-1987), received the APA Award for Distinguished Leadership in 1990, and in 1999 was serving as the President of the American Institute of Certified Planners. He was awarded the Prize of Rome in 1987 by the American Academy in Rome. Professor Norm Krumholz was recently appointed an AICP fellow, and his Cleveland Policy Plan declared a "Planning Landmark".

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

CSU prof on plan commission

A prominent figure in Cleveland's past development will have a say in its future. Mayor Frank Jackson has appointed Norman Krumholz, 79, to the city's seven-member planning commission. Krumholz was the city's planning director from 1969 to 1979 and is a professor of urban affairs at Cleveland State University. He replaces the Rev. Sam Small, who is finishing a six-year term. The planning commission meets twice a month to act on development and land-use proposals.