Saturday, February 03, 2007

October 6, 2006: Cleveand Planning Commission Summary

Ok, I've been putting this off for a while. I will now attempt to get caught up on the Planning Commission summaries. Not all of them will be as detailed as others since I did not go to all of them (school, family, etc.), but I do have most of the agendas.
Let the amusement begin.

Called to order: 9:10 AM



ZONING (all approved)

1.Ordinance No. 1549-06: Changes the Use Districts of parcels bounded by Deise Avenue, Maxwell Avenue, Aspinwall Avenue, East 140th Street and including portions of Cobalt Avenue and Saranac Road from Semi-Industry and General Industry to Residence Industry. Tabled on September 15, 2006.

The change will better reflect the current land uses and prevent inappropriate uses (heavy industry, outdoor storage, hours of operation) mixed in with the residential fabric.

2.Ordinance to be introduced XXX1-06: To change the Use District of a parcel of land on the south side of Franklin Avenue from General Industry District to Multi-Family Residential District.

This property is located at 8001 Franklin Avenue near the Painters Loft and is currently vacant. A representative from Ryser Properties was present to introduce plans for 15 units (2 and 3 story) of housing. The approval of this zoning change will them to submit an application to Clean Land Ohio for remediation funds. Jeff Ramsey from Detroit/Shoreway was present on behalf of Councilman Zone who is in favor of the change.

3.Ordinance to be introduced XXX2-06: To change the Use District of a parcel of land on the south side of South Marginal Avenue near East 55 th Street from a General Industry District to a General Retail District.

This was in regards to the former Howard Johnson hotel south of the East Shoreway. The new owner anticipates building luxury condos with assistance from Marous Brothers. They would use the existing building and add balconies to each of the proposed 7o units. They are still in discussion on the feasibility of adding a restaurant to the ground floor. The owners, Bapaz Real Estate, originate from New York and have had successful developments there. The presented a letter from Councilwoman Pierce-Scott in support of this project. (Read Crain's Cleveland article here.)


1.Ordinance No. 1278-06: Declaring the property located at 1570 East 105th Street blighted premises and authorizing the Director of Community Development to acquire the blighted premises and sell the premises to FEDCO Services, LLC.

Part of the Veterans Administration expansion project. Appraised at $30,000. Construction to Begin late 2007 - early 2008.

2.Ordinance No. 1364-06: Declaring the property located at 3509 East 120th Street blighted premises and authorizing the Director of Community Development to acquire the blighted premises and sell the premises to KidsHealth 2020.

Will assist residents from birth to age 25 in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

3.Ordinance No. 1446-06: Authorizing the acquisition of certain easement interests along East 115th Street and Euclid Avenue as part of the Euclid Corridor Transportation Project.

4.Ordinance No. 1449-06: Authorizing a permit to the United States General Services Administration to encroach into the public right-of-way at the Anthony Celebrezze Federal Office Building located on Lakeside Avenue and East 9th Street by installing, using, and maintaining Federally mandated security devices for “stand off” and “crash” protection of the facility.

5.Resolution No. 1468-06: Declaring the intent to vacate a portion of West Lakeside Ave. N.W.

6.Ordinance No. 1470-06: Relating to restrictions on location of stables, poultry enclosures and other enclosures.

7.Ordinance No. 1548-06: Authorizing the lease of certain property to Community United Head Start and Day Care, Inc. for a term of one year, with five one year options to renew, at the Earle B. Turner Recreation Center located at 11300 Miles Avenue, for the purpose of operating a day care.

8.Ordinance No. 1576-06: Authorizing the Director of Public Utilities to apply for and accept grants from various entities to implement the Security Improvement Project; authorizing the Director to apply for and accept grants from the Ohio Emergency Management Agency for security improvements to the Baldwin and Crown Water Treatment Plants in conjunction with the Security Improvement Project.

9.Ordinance No. 1577-06: Authorizing the sell of City-owned property no longer needed for public use located at the east corner of Huron Rd. and East 4 th Street to System Property Development Company, Inc. and authorizing the Director of Community Development to cause payment to System Parking Development Co., Inc.


1.Ordinance No. 1439-06: Authorizing a Lease Agreement with Business Aircraft Center for office space at Cleveland Burke Control, for the period of one year with a one year option to renew.

SUMMARY CALENDAR (all approved)

1. Ordinance No. 1960-05: Authorizes the sale of property as part of the Land Use Reutilization Program located on Superior Avenue to Louis Lee.
2.Ordinance No. 1462-06: Authorizes the sale of property as part of the Land Use Reutilization Program located on East 88th street to Jeannette Relaford.
3.Resolution No. 1468-06: Refers to the vacating of a portion of West Lakeside N.W.
4.Resolution No. 1578-06: Refers to the vacating of a portion of Stuber Court N.E.
5. Ordinance No. 1583-06: Authorizes the application to the One Public Works Integrating Committee for state funding for the Cornell Road Bridge, Woodland Avenue/Kinsman Road, East 30th Street, and Bellaire Road rehabilitation Phase II Projects.
6. Ordinance NO. 1585-06: Changes the name of East 117th Street between Durant and Whitmore to Leonard B. Jackson street.

Broadway BRD (approved)

1. BC 2006-008: 6401 Broadway Avenue - Demolition request for former mechanics Auto Care building.

This provide access to the Rails to Trails project that is behind the proposed demolition. the land will be graded and seeded.

2. E185 2006-003: 972 East 185th Street - Demolition of existing garage and construction of freestanding bank building.

LOT SPLIT (approved)

4318 Orchard Avenue, Owner-Occupant Eugene Pallas


The West Shoreway Project Update.