Saturday, July 15, 2006

June 16, 2006 Summary of the Cleveland Planning Commission

Cleveland Planning Commission Report, June 16 2006

Call to order – 9:12 AM

Roll Call –

Tony Coyne
Bob Brown
Lillian Kuri
Gloria Jean Pinkney
David Bowen
Rev. S. Small

Joe Cimperman
Larry Lumpkin


1. Ordinance No. 1002-06: To change the zoning of lands located on the north side of Spring Road, south of Gino Lane, and on the east side of Jennings Freeway from a One Family Residential District and an ‘A’ Area District to a General Industry District and a ‘B’ Area District.
This is for a construction landfill owned by Edgerton Holdings in the South Hills neighborhood of the city. The former owner did not abide by city rules and had there license revoked in 2003.
Area homeowners expressed concern about erosion and run-off in the area. Current owners are have discussed issues with the Army Core of Engineers and the feasibility of culverting the stream.

2. Ordinance No. XXXX-06: To change the Use District of a parcel of land located on the southwest corner of Rowley Avenue and West 11th Street from a Two-Family Residential District to a Local Retail Business District.
This is for the Christmas Story House museum. It will be separate from the original house. The bottom story will house the museum and a shop, and museum director will live on the second story. Currently, parcel are being acquired for parking.


1. Ordinance No. 984-06: Authorizing the improvement to Jennings road between Spring Road and the Jennings Freeway ramp.

2. Ordinance No. 985-06: Constructing on Lorain Avenue between West 150th Street and Fairview Hospital; Authorizing the Director of Public Service to enter into one or more public improvement contracts for the making of the improvement; and authorizing the director to enter into an agreement with the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company to pay premium charges for the installation.

3. Ordinance No. 986-06: Regarding Contract No. 63664 providing additional design services from Detroit Shoreway Community Development organization.

4. Ordinance No. 988-06: The public improvement to the Highland Park Golf Course, including but not limited to cart paths, fairways, bunkers, and drainage, and to make an additional appropriation of $600,000 of the Enterprise Funds.

5. Ordinance No. 991-06: To amend the title and Section 1 of Ordinance No. 2246-05, passed December 5, 2005, relating to the sale of real property as part of the Land Reutilization Program and located on Holmden Avenue to First Interstate Development Company Ltd.

6. Ordinance No. 992-06: Authorizing the transfer of the Trinity Building, located at 9207 Detroit Avenue to the Department of Economic Development for future redevelopment.

7. Ordinance No. 993-06: Authorizing the additional services needed to complete Phase II of the Midland Steel project, and to expand environmental services provided for completion of the project, provide security and to perform maintenance at the Midland Steel site located at 10615 Madison Avenue.

8. Resolution No. 999-06: Declaring it necessary to the public health and welfare that Euclid Avenue between Public Square and East 70th be improved by reconstructing or abandoning sidewalk vaults encroaching upon the public right-of-way.

Lot Split
1. 5113 – 5115 Herman Avenue (approved)
2. 2129 Random Road (Re-tabled)

Broadway BRD:
6542 Broadway Avenue, Key Beverage & Liquor: Demolition of existing 3000 SF building and construction of new 4800 SF retail store.

Midtown BRD:
7621 – 7711 Euclid Avenue, Erie Square Apartments, Monument Sign (oversized)

Design Review

1. DRC 06-081: 4315 West 140th Street, CMSD, Artemus Ward K-* School, New Construction, Conceptual Review
The new school will be 65,000 sq ft compared to the current 35,000.
Approved with the following conditions: Straighten out the portion of the building whose setback is at an angle, increase play area address learning garden location and add glass to the central stairwell. (per recommendations from design review)

2. DRC 06-082: 4550 West 150th Street, CMSD, R.G. Jones K-8 School, New Construction, Conceptual Review
The current building is a one-story structure with 42,000 sq ft. The new building will be 65,000 sq ft. Discussion led to recommendation of more collaboration between the school and park districts.

3. DRC 06-083: (Withdrawn) 2075 Stokes Boulevard, John Hay High School and School of the Arts Campus, Fence

4. DRC 06-084: 320 Huron road, N.W., Former M.K. Ferguson Building, Quicken Loans Call Center, Two business identification signs.
Manufactured by Brilliant Sign Company
The proposed sign letters will be backlit and gold in color similar to the Chase signs on Tower City Center. It was noted that the company M.K. Ferguson know longer exists and is now called the Washington Group