Wednesday, July 26, 2006

July 7, 2006 Summary of the Cleveland Planning Commission

Cleveland Planning Commission Report, July 7, 2006

Call to order – 9:08 AM

Roll Call –

Tony Coyne
Bob Brown
Lillian Kuri
Gloria Jean Pinkney
Rev. S. Small
Joe Cimperman
Larry Lumpkin

David Bowen

Mandatory Referrals

1. Ordinance No. 980-06: To amend Ordinance No. 1255-05, passed November 21, 2005, relating to widening portions of East 116th Street.

2. Resolution No. 994-06: Declaring the intent to vacate a portion of Hamilton Court N.E.

3. Ordinance No. 1056-06: Authorizing a permit to St. John-Nottingham Lutheran Church to encroach into the public right-of-way of Nottingham Road with two banners to be attached to Cleveland public Power utility poles.

4. Ordinance No. 1057-06: Authorizing a permit to St. Clair Superior Development Corporation to encroach into the public right-of-way of St. Clair Avenue from East 30th Street to Ansel Road and Superior Avenue from E. 30th Street to East 55th Street with banners to be attached to utility poles.

5. Ordinance No. 1062-06: To amend Section 559.02 of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland, OH, 1976, as amended by Ordinance No. 109-56, passed February 11, 1957, relating to the designation of the Cleveland Cultural gardens; and to enact new Sections 559.235 through 559.243 relating to future gardens.
This action will potentially create spots for nine more gardens. This is a conceptual approval of locations and expansion of boundaries. Specifically Site 5, the Azerbaijan Garden (which will be the first fully sponsored garden by a foreign government, and Site 8, which is proposed to be the Serbian Garden. This was approved with the addition of wording that will call for the expansion of landmark designation of the new garden borders.

6. Ordinance No. 1063-06: Authorizing the Director of the City Planning Commission to apply for and accept one or more grants from Northeast Ohio Area Coordinating Agency for the Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative Program.
This is the second year of the grant program. Last year there were four recipients and this year there are three: V.A. Hospital (pedestrian friendly), Old Brooklyn (transit service along Pearl Road) and the Clark Metro area (bike path study along Train Avenue). The grants range from $30,000 to 75,000 and require a 20% match from the city. The appropriate CDC’s will administer each grant. They will be responsible for obtaining consultants.

Lot Split & Consolidation

1. 2129 Random Road, for Angie & Mary Sanders. This is a proposed lot split with an access easement (last tabled 6/16/06)
2. 2323 West 7th Street, for Daniel Hancock; split lot to be consolidated by Dave & Sue Kosyk


1. DRC 06-091: Ansel Road (at Kosciuszko), CMSD, Willson K-8 School, New Construction, Conceptual Review of a Redesign
Brick construction from Robert P. Madison International, Inc. (Cleveland Browns Stadium, East 9th Street Rapid Transit Station, CSU Science and Research Center, Gund Arena, Associate Architects - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum)

2. DRC 06-092: Woodland Avenue (nr East 30th Street), Cuyahoga Community College, Metropolitan Campus, Center for Innovation in the Arts, Conceptual Review (Same Architects as previous)
This is a conceptual schematic design for the Center. It will also house the R&R Hall of Fame Archives.

3. DRC 06-083: 2075 Stokes Boulevard, John Hay High School and School of the Arts Campus, Fence
This is in regards to a new fence that will encompass a majority of the school campus in University Circle. The whole planning, design and construction process cost $1.18 million - the fence, $35,000. It was designed by local artist, Arlene Watson.

4. DRC 06-093: 526 Superior Avenue, Leader Building, Signs and Awnings.
The contractor will remove old paint, add awnings and add new lettering for signage above the awnings. The Sam Klein lettering will not be changed due to the perceived historic element it holds.

Director’s Report

-Discussed the Plain Dealer article regarding Burke
Coyne: What ever happened to the capacity study?
Brown: The city might be able to start a preliminary study. This can lead to a full study.
Due to lighter jets and new technology, there may not be a need for a full runway.

- The new director has visited the Planning Commission two times since he was hired. This is a good sign (ed. Mok was invited numerous times and never met the commission during his tenure).

- Briefly discussed the West Shoreway

- Innerbelt:
= Still in review
= There is a sub-committee for design currently meeting
= What if the feds say that the bridge cannot go in the proposed location? Then they start over