Thursday, May 11, 2006

Planning Commission Agenda - May 4, 2006

The semester is over, and until grades come out next week, I'm Ok.
I think I did alright.

I did not go to the Planning Commission on May 4, but I do have the agenda of items requiring action (and informational, too).



  1. Ordinance No. 657-06: To change the Use Districts of lands bounded by Seymour Avenue and Erin Avenue, west of Fulton Road from a Two-family Residential District to a Local Retail Business District.
  2. Ordinance No. 707-06: To change the zoning of parcels on the north side Detroit Avenue between West 29 th St. from a Two Family Residential District to an Open Space and Recreation District.
  3. Ordinance No. 718-06: To change the zoning of lands on the east and west sides of West 117 th Street from Governor Avenue to Bellaire road.


  1. Ordinance No. 616-06: An emergency ordinance authorizing the sale of real property as part of the Land Reutilization Program and located on Clover Avenue to JDS Development LLC. (TABLED on 4/14/06)
  2. Ordinance No. 692-06: Improving various Department of Public Service facilities.
  3. Resolution No. XXX1-06 , proposing the vacation of a portion of East 109 th Street between Deering Avenue on the north and Carnegie Avenue on the south for the purpose of facilitating creation of a shared campus for John Hay High School and the Cleveland School of the Arts.


  1. 3139 – 3209 Whitman Ave. proposed lot consolidation and split (Landmark District). Work on the property has begun without the lack of permits.


  1. DRC 06-013: 750 Huron Road, AT&T Building, Skyline Sign (PLPD/Historic Gateway Neighborhood/Ward 13) (Fr March 16, 2006)
  2. DRC 06-029: Bellflower & Hessler Roads, CWRU, Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations (Univ.-Euclid URPA/Ward 9)
  3. DRC 06-030: East 115 th Street & Wade Park, CWRU, North Residential Village, Baseball Stadium (Univ.-Euclid URPA/Ward 9)
  4. DRC 06-031: 1701 East 12 th Street, Reserve Square, Streetscape Improvements (PLPD/Ward 13)
  5. DRC 06-032: NW Corner of East 83 rd Street & Carnegie Avenue, Rumi’s Market (City Land Bank/Ward 6)
  6. DRC 06-033 NE Corner of West 9 th Street & Front Street, Housing Development, For Information only; no action to be taken (Ward 13)
  7. DRC 06-014-A: East 111 th Street, between Woodland Avenue & MLK Boulevard, Citi-Rama 2006, 2 Remaining Single-family Houses (Ward 6) (Fr 4/7/06, when other models were seen.)