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Planning Commision Report, 7 April 2004

Planning Commission Report, 7 April 2004

Call to Order - 9:05 AM

Roll Call –

Tony Coyne
Lillian Kuri
Gloria Jean Pinkney
David Bowen
Rev. S. Small

Bob Brown
Joe Cimperman
Larry Lumpkin

Previous Minutes Approved


Ordinance No. 199-06: (approved)
Will change the use of the property on the southwest corner of St. Clair Avenue and Old River Road (West 11th Street) from a General Industry Use District to a General Retail Use District.
The building currently on the property is the former Calabria Restaurant. The current owner was contacted, but did not show. This will make it consistent with the actual use in the area. Mike Samsel form Samsel Supply was present and was for the change in zoning stating “it is time for a change.”

Ordinance No. 200-06:(approved)
Will changing the use of properties located on the southeast corner of Fulton Road and Meyer Avenue from a Two Family Residential District to an RA2 Townhouse District.
These parcels are located in the Clark Metro Neighborhood, south of Saint Rocco’s Church. The site is currently vacant except for one house that is to be demolished. There are eleven townhouses proposed for the site by developer Craft Homes. Councilman Santiago was present and is in favor of the rezoning.

Ordinance No. 318-03:(approved)
This is an amendment to an ordinance previously passed for the St. Luke’s North Pointe Planned Unit Development for CitiRAMA in 2005. The site plan is being revised


Ordinance No. 1069-00: (approved)
Designated the Cozad-Bates House as a Cleveland Landmark.
Landmarks Commission Chair, Bob Kaiser presented to the Planning Commission. He told everyone the building designation has been tabled since 1975. The original portion of the building was built in 1853, the rest of the building in 1872. It is of Italianate Style – probably the best in the county
Chairman Coyne opened the floor to the public.
Kathleen Crowther, Executive Director of the Cleveland Restoration Society: Expressed her gratitude to the University Hospital system for donating the property
Joan Southgate, 73 year old grandmother who walked around 350 miles retracing the route of former slaves on their route to freedom: Introduced friends associated with Restore Cleveland Hope, which includes decedents of the original land owners of the area around the house. She mentioned the name “Hope” was chosen because it is believed the word was a secret code name for the Underground Railroad.
Among others that spoke:
Chris Ronayne, Executive Director of University Circle, Inc.
Hunter Morrison, Former City of Cleveland Planning Director
Councilman Kevin Conwell – He stated that there was to be legislation to change the name of East 115th Street back to its original name, Harriet Tutman Lane

Ordinance No. 114-06:
Ordinance authorizing the sale of property as part of the Land Reutilization Program and located on East 79th Street and Hough Avenue to Eric D. Payne. [Disapprove as obsolete and no longer needed]

Ordinance No. 572-06:(approved)
Authorizes the Director of Economic Development to enter into contract with Playhouse Square Foundation to provide economic development assistance to partially finance the IdeaCenter Building located 1375 Euclid Avenue to redevelop the property.
This will further assist finding companies to move into the remaining, empty third and part of the fourth floor.

Ordinance No. 566-06: (approved)
Approved the reports of assessment equalization boards on objections concerning assessments to relay and repair sidewalks, driveway aprons and curbs.

Ordinance No. XXX1-06:(approved)
Authorized the entering into contract with Cleveland Public Art for professional services necessary to administer the City’s public art program


Ordinance No. 367-06:(approved)
Authorized an agreement with Norfolk Southern railway necessary for the City to install and maintain its sewer located within the railway’s property between West 41st Street and West 86th Street and to pay the railway a fee.

Ordinance No. 579-06:(approved)
Authorized an agreement with the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority and Flats East Development LLC, for construction and financing of residential units and related commercial improvements.


Ordinance No. 447-06: (approved)
Authorized the execution of deeds of easement granting to the Board of Commissioners of Cuyahoga County certain highway and aerial easement rights in property needed to reconstruct, repair, and maintain the Fulton Road Bridge; and declaring the easement rights not needed for public use.

Ordinance No. 448-06: (approved)
Authorized the Director of Public Service to execute deeds of easement granting to the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority certain easement rights in various locations along Euclid Avenue needed in connection with the Euclid Corridor Transportation Project; and declaring the easement rights not needed for public use.

Resolution No. 463-06: (approved)
Declaring the intention to vacate portion of Bates Avenue.

Resolution No. 464-06: (approved)
Declaring the intent to vacate a portion of East 59th Street.

Ordinance No. 1992-06: (approved)
An emergency ordinance authorizing the sale of property to Lula Blevins as part of the Land Reutilization Program located on Harlem Court.


833 Starkweather Avenue, owner Dave Mikolajdzyk: Proposed split of a 30’ x 140’ lot in Tremont, to create (2) 30’x 70’ parcels. (APPROVED)

Riverside Park Estates Subdivision Plat (APPROVED)

East Woodland Estates, E. 75th for Hill Place Plat (also DRC No. 06-017) (TABLED)

3600 East 59th Street - Lot Split (From 3/17/07 CPC Meeting) (DISSAPPROVED)


CM 2006-001:
3002 Clark Avenue (north side of Clark Avenue). New Construction. 6,840 sf Autozone Store, seeking full approval

3024(a) Clark Avenue (north side of Clark Avenue). renovation of west portion of existing 35,685 sf, Retail Building. 18,947 sf. Save-A-Lot Grocery Store. Seeking Final Approval

3024 (B) Clark Avenue (north side of Clark Avenue). Renovation of east portion of existing 35,685 sf Retail Building. 16,738 sf

All three of these were combined for one presentation. The property is the former Topps (nee Pick-n-Pay) on Clark Avenue and West30th Street. The developers are going to divide the current building into two units, one will be a Save-a-Lot and the other will be a Dollar Mart. The third portion of this is the construction of a new building that will house an Autozone store.
The only issue presented to the Commission had to deal with signage. Most of the presenters agreed, including the CDC representative, the signage on Cark Avenue is overwhelming and lacks visual appeal. The current plan calls for two signs: one would hold two signs for the discount stores and the other would be a standalone for the auto parts supplier. Autozone does not want to share sign space with the other two stores. Besides, that would make the sign to high.
The commission gave approval for everything except for the pole-mounted sign, which is to be resubmitted for approval.


DRC 06-019:(approved)
East 75th Street & Woodland Avenue, East Woodland Estates (aka Hill Place), Exterior Remodeling, Phase 1
This was approved and it was noted on the record that the developer had already begun the remodeling before any approval had been given. They apologized.

DRC 06-022:(approved)
2070 Circle Drive, Cleveland Clinic, Glickman Tower
This will be new construction located behind the new Heart Center. The ten-story internal glass and granite tower will house the Glickman Urology Institute on the op four floors (not including two for mechanical). The rest of the building will be designated flex space.

DRC 06-023:(approved)
West 54th Street near Herman Avenue, Three Single-Family Houses, (aka Residences of King’s Hill), Project Revisions (ref. DRC 02-207)
City Architecture designed the remodeling work.

DRC 06-014-A:(approved)
East 111th Street, between Woodland Avenue & MLK Boulevard, CitiRAMA 2006, 10 Single-family Houses (Fr 2/16/06, Design Guidelines)
Location – Developer
1. 2657 East 111th Street – Evergreen Homes
2. 2663 East 111th Street – Urban Investments
3. 2667 East 111th Street – G E Construction
4. 2671 East 111th Street – HBA/GBC Homes
5. 2675 East 111th Street – Horizon Construction
6. 2688 East 111th Street – Liberty Construction
7. 2684 East 111th Street – B.R. Knez Construction
8. 2678 East 111th Street – Lighthouse Properties
9. 2674 East 111th Street – Upscale Properties
10. 2668 East 111th Street – A.L.L.S., Inc.
11. 2664 East 111th Street – Blossom Homes
12. 2658 East 111th Street – Civic Builders
May 1st is groundbreaking with the event planned for September 9th – 18th
All houses were approved with staff recommendations.

DRC 06-024:(approved)
1800 East 105th Street, CWRU West Quad Site, Temporary Parking Lot by Cleveland Clinic.
600+ parking spaces will be landscaped, fenced in and include a run-off basin. The lot will most likely be gone by 2008