Saturday, April 01, 2006

Faking Places - April Fools

Blatently stolen from Project for Public Spaces
Sorry, it was too funny.

Please check out the more serious matter on a regular basis. Lots of good information.

News and Ideas from Project for Public Spaces

Feature Story:

Congressmen enjoy a test run of the proposed Thursday potlucks on the National Mall.

National Mall to Become Lunchtime Hangout for Congress

With partisan tensions running high on Capitol Hill, it appears that both sides of the aisle can still manage to agree on one thing: Hanging out together on the National Mall for good food and friendly conversation.

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Also In This Issue:

New Self-Help Movement Transforms the Streets of America

Auto Addicts Anonymous credited with reviving community life. [read more...]

O Canada!

Placemaking sweeps the north country. [read more...]

Let 10,000 Plazas Bloom

Texas looks south for ideas to enliven its communities. [read more...]

PPS Names Best and Worst Public Spaces in the Galaxy

From universe-spanning wormholes to neighborhood asteroid belts, here are the best places we've come across. Plus, don't miss our Cosmic Hall of Shame. [read more...]

Torino Converts Olympic Spaces into Summertime La Dolce Vita

"Sure, it was easy to get people to come out in public in the dead of winter, but once the snow melts - what is there for them to do?" [read more...]

PPS Staffers Branch Out as Fashion Models for J. Crew

"It's sort of weird. I never envisioned myself as a fashion model." [read more...]

New York Round-up

Forest City Ratner drops arena proposal for Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards. Plus, New York's first Bike and Walk to Work Week, a surprising announcement from IKEA, and a change of plans for the Bronx Terminal Market. [read more...]

Introducing Sodpavers...

...the green alternative to wide swaths of asphalt. [read more...]

Past Issues of Faking Places:

April 1, 2005

Fearful of losing their long dominance of the streets, millions of autos staged massive park-ins in public spaces around the nation to protest pedestrians and alternative modes of transportation. [read more...]

April 1, 2004

Under the influence of PPS, Wal-Mart abandoned mega-stores in favor of locally-owned, downtown shops. [read more...]