Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Update - Convention Center/Joint Meeting

I almost forgot to follow up on this.
No action was taken by the Planning Commission on this day. There were, in my lowly opinion, two things I did notice worth bringing up:
1 – There are many cost issues not coming forward on Forest City's Riverfront site; mainly the cost of rebuilding and expanding Carter Road, which would be tunneled through the proposed convention center. As well as any cost associated with the adaptive reuse of the current center, which would have to be part of the project – not like the Scranton Road Peninsula housing that was first proposed then killed off the first time Forest City spoke up.
2 – I may be assuming too much here, but it seemed to me that Hunter Morrison’s, Planning Director of Cleveland before his wife became mayor, gave a very moving (we'll call it a speech, but maybe lecture is a better word) talk rationalizing why the commission should choose reconstruction on the current site as opposed to building new on the other, was a little over the top. It was not bad – I enjoyed it. In fact, everyone enjoyed it. For god’s sake, they applauded him afterwards.

What I got out of it was, well - after being involved in the planning scene in Cleveland for the better part of three years, I have never heard Morrison say squat about any project in the city, not publicly anyhow. Fast forward to now - after the election - and now he is vocal. I am just wondering if he has some desire to get back into City Hall. Maybe it was just me... I don't know.

That was the feeling I got out of it. In no way is this a negative feeling. It would be great for the incoming Jackson administration and would probably put to rest any concerns people may have regarding some of the planning that occurred during Campbell’s administration. (Many people say that the recently passed Waterfront Plan was really Morrison’s all along.

Anyway, I am getting top political.
So now we are told the CFA will be deciding on a final site sometime after the New Year, most likely after the elections.