Friday, November 11, 2005

Bring on the Cameras

The cameras are coming!
The cameras are coming!
The cameras are coming!
I am glad they are coming.
I don't care how they are rationalized (revenue vs. safety).
I don't care what side of the town they are on either. There should be more.
I hate all you bastards that run lights.
And anybody who has a problem with it should not be driving. Paticularly the person who ran into me the summer of 2004. Stupid idiot. (The only accident I have ever been involved with in my 20+ years of driving.)
To all of you state legislators who are continuing to erode the cities home rule status - if you make it illegal for cities to have them I will do everything possible to make sure you never get elected again. Worry about state issues (funding education).
Here are some lovely pictures of the cameras by my house.


Chox said...

It's about time! I grew up in Cleveland Heights, and would take Chester every time I went downtown instead of the freeway. When the light would turn green, I'd still sit and wait, and 9 out of 10 times, a dilapidated Cadillac or Buick would come screaming through the intersection with utter disregard for public safety.

My sister got smacked at one of those intersections as well...but she's crazy and chased the guy all the way to his house while holding her damaged door shut.

jjnickel said...

Your house must be the colorful one next to the freeway? If so and you've lived there at least four years we've met. I was your neighbor in the second house from Western. If there was ever a street that needed the cameras it is West Blvd. The sound of crashing cars was non stop day and night. I live in Olmsted Twp now, where it's nice and quiet. I do miss that street though.

Scott said...

that area is not to far from where i was hit
2:45 on a saturday night at the corner of prospect and 30th
she didn't even try to slow down
my airbag and belt saved me
she went to the hospital unconscious... i consider her lucky
if she was conscious, there may have been worse results

Scott said...

that was not me you knew
i live south of lorain, on fidelity
i know the house you are talking about though
the dutch barn - yellow and green
they did a nice job with the color
i would hate to live there next to the freeway
too much noise
however, i would rrather live there then in burbs
i love the city, despite its flaws

jjnickel said...

Aha...Fidelity. Very nice street. I do miss living in the neighborhood. Life is not the same in the burbs. However, I'm involved with BSA at a parish in the area, so still get to visit every week.

While I think the cameras are a good idea, that money should have been spent on more police protection in the form of patrol cars. People move from Cleveland because it's not safe. It's sad, but true.