Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Adding some 'weight' to the location of the new convention center

I hate when people take an elevator up one floor. I have always wished elevators could be programmed not to go one floor up (with exception for those with physical disabilities). That being said:
Reading this article in the Wall Street Journal,"New Buildings Help People Fight Flab," got me to thinking about the location of the proposed Cleveland Convention Center. Although this article is actually focused on the design of buildings and their walkability, I started thinking of the convenience, or perceived convenience, of each proposed location.
I have struggled with which location would be the best for said center - they both have their pluses and minuses. The riverfront site would help in expanding the convention season that currently ends in October due to the weather. Come in on a plane, take the train to Tower City, check in at a hotel, eat, go to conference, never worry about the weather. It would also encourage people to stay off the streets. How would the businesses on East Fourth or the Warehouse District feel about that?
The current location is surrounded by a civic space that compares to no other city, there is plenty of room to grow and it is close to most of downtown. The not so good side of it would be being exposed to the elements.
Keeping this article in mind, I am putting my vote in for rebuilding on the current site. Call it Cleveland's part in keeping people in shape. Damn the weather - if it is raining, people can run.
I would rather have people walking around downtown.