Monday, August 22, 2005

Quote of the Day

I would like to post more then once every five days. However, I was very busy co-chairing my high school reunion. That was this past weekend and now it is over... for the most part.
Within the next few days there will be more about that here, including photos.
So, I anticipate I will have a little more time to devote to this blog. However, with classes starting this Saturday, it will probably not be much more time then what I can do now.

I am creating this post using the new M$ Word plug-in by Google for Blogger. This is great for somebody like me since I must use some sort of word processor before actually posting. Let’s see how this works.

** UPDATE **
The posting of this worked well. I did have a picture that I added to the post in Word, but it did not load through the plug-in. I recommend it anyway.


I was amused by the article on Drive-In Theaters by Michael Sangiacomo in the Sunday PD, not that the article itself was amusing; in fact, it was nice to read this article. I did not know we had the third highest amount of drive-ins in the country.
The part that was amusing was the very last quote in the article from Rich Reding, who runs the Lynn Drive-in in Strasburg, Ohio.

His quote:
"My dream is that someday we'll tear down a Wal-Mart to make room for a drive-in theater."