Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Whiskey Island Correction and Mr Ed Hauser

Hmm, it seems I missed this little blurb in Saturday's PD (July 16, 2005) in the Community News Brief section. They spent a whole 124 words on the subject. No wonder I missed it.

The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority Board of Directors Friday officially ended its efforts to buy Whiskey Island from the county for $6.4 million. A potential deal soured when neither the port authority nor the city could agree on who should build a new bridge to the island for $2 million. Authority President Gary L. Failor said that while the authority would welcome a new effort to reach a deal on the land, it would have to be initiated by the county. In the same vote, the board also retracted its standing eminent domain lawsuit. The authority had been keeping the suit alive so it could acquire "dockuminiums" held by individual boat owners on Whiskey Island, in case the deal with the county went through.

In addition, one the City Planning Commission’s favorite advocates, Ed Hauser, received a very nice plug in this article from RealNeo's Norm Roulet.
Good for Ed, I hope he had a good response at the luncheon.

Is anybody going to bring up what is going to happen with the city's Harborfront portion of the Waterfront Plan if the Port cannot move?
Just wondering.