Sunday, July 17, 2005

What's with the negativity, Spenc?

Maybe the Mayor did something to this person in another life; I do not know.
Spencer, if that is who he/she is, defidently has a problem with Campbell.
I also do not kow if any of the acusations made by spencer have any merit. You would think that there would be some sort of investigation by the police, or someone. I have not seen any special reports from any of the media... not that it saying much. I just feel that if half of the things spencer is accusing the current administration of were true, there would be some sort of action going on besides the trying to have her voted out of office in the next election.

According to the hit counter here, there have been over 1 million page views (most likely not from unique visitors). Now, let's do the math; there are, depending on what biased federal government body you ask, around 500,000 people live in Cleveland proper. Now then... nah, I'm not going to do the math. It does not make sence. Granted, I do not know all of the behind the scenes details, and I do not read every single article, email, Cleveland based blog around. There just seems to be something not right about what this person is posting.

First read this post, then this. Well, if anybody was to read those, as well as most of the articles about Cleveland these days, then they would have no reason for living here. Why is there no mention of this informtion provided to me by Ken Prendergast.

Some interesting market data for Greater Cleveland -- interesting to note that the metro area's unemployment rate fell from being above the statewide average, to below it, even though the statewide unemployment rate also fell!
From CB Richard Ellis:

Local unemployment rates dropped sharply during the quarter from 7.1 % to 5.4%. Ohio had a slight drop from 6.4% to 6.1% and the national rate declined as well to 5.1%. In the Cleveland MSA, more employment was seen in service-providing industries, with a boost of 6,100 jobs. There was also growth in the goods-producing sector with an additional 3,700 jobs since May 2004. Manufacturing and Educational and Health Services sustained slight losses in employment. The effect of these declines is unknown, as it is questionable how these changes will affect real estate markets.

Cleveland’s Central Business District (CBD) appeared to stabilize in the second quarter after 170,000 square feet was vacated by ICI Paints in the first quarter of 2005. A handful of sizeable occupancies contributed to the second quarter rebound, while a number of signings and rumored deals, combined with renewed interest in the improvement of the downtown area have poised the market for a solid performance in the next 12 to 18 months. Overall, the CBD had a slight decrease in vacancy dropping from 22.04% in the first quarter to 21.07% in the second quarter. Class “A” vacancy fell a half percent to 17.38%, which was mainly driven by the US Department of Health and Human Services leasing 35,000 square feet and Wells Fargo leasing 9,200 square feet in 200 Public Square. Likewise, class “B” vacancy rates declined as blocks of space in the 2,000 to 15,000 square foot range were occupied. Realty One’s relocation from the South Suburban submarket to 31,000 square feet in the CBD occurred in the second quarter, which helped to improve class “B” vacancy and absorption."

You can see the full PDF report here:

Nor has there been any mention of the information reported by the Fund for Our Economic Future, which a portion of it states, "In terms of entrepreneurship – In 2002, ranked Cleveland/Lorain/ Elyria#61 out of 61 cities for entrepreneurship (based on entrepreneurial activity, small businessgrowth, job growth and risk). In 2005, the area ranked #31!
In terms of the bioscience industry – Three years ago, Northeast Ohio was written off as
“not having a chance” in building a bioscience industry. Now, industry experts from around the
country are asking, “What’s happening in Northeast Ohio?”
  • The region now boasts over 350 bioscience firms spread across Northeast Ohio.
  • In the last quarter, there was more venture capital investment in Ohio bioscience companies than in any other Midwest state except Minnesota. This means we bested Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana and Missouri.
  • "According to BioEnterprise, $61 million was invested in bioscience companies here last year. That is a 200 percent increase from 2002, while the national level for venturecapital investments in bioscience was flat. BioEnterprise expects to hit its goal of having the region’s bioscience companies raise $100 million this year. Getting to that $100 million mark would put Northeast Ohio among the upper echelons of bioscience clusters in the country, according to BioEnterprise." – Crain’s e-blast, May 19, 2005
That whole report can be viewed here.
Thanks to John McGovern for forwarding this information to me.

What really kills me though, is the slanderous statements made in this post on July 14. Holy shmoly, that is some pretty visious stuff. Come on now, "slut"? Is this even legal? (I do not know all of the rules for the blog-o-sphere yet.) Why isn't the almighty, can-do-no-wrong Jacksonputting a stop to this.

I admit, Campbell has not been the greatest leader in Cleveland's mayoral history. I do not even know for sure who I will vote for. I do know who I will not vote for though. That would be, not in any particular order, Jackson and Draper.